Ask an Expert: How Can Video Help Your Facebook Marketing?

Online video is quickly becoming one of the hottest tools in social media marketing.

Today, videos are being uploaded to YouTube at a rate of 60 hours of video per minute and marketers are taking notice. It’s no surprise that a recent industry study found that 76% of marketers plan on increasing their focus on video marketing in 2012.

The best part is that marketing with video isn’t just a Hollywood affair anymore – with a smart phone or personal camera, a YouTube account, and an active presence on Facebook, anyone can do it– and do it well.

I sat down with Josh Mendelsohn, senior product marketing manager, to discuss online video, and specifically how video can be used on Facebook to increase engagement and grow your community.

Below is a transcript of the interview if you’d rather read.

How has video impacted the ways that businesses interact with Fans on Facebook?

I think video has had a huge impact on marketing, because it has allowed people to really give their business a personality.

Social media, especially Facebook, has allowed people to interact in a more personal way, and videos can help small businesses and organizations capitalize on that connection.

How do you expect Timeline to impact the ways that businesses use video in their Facebook marketing?

In some ways, a lot and in some ways, not at all. As a Facebook user, you’re interacting mostly in your Newsfeed, so you’re seeing what people are posting. Video is a great way to stand out there. But in terms of Timeline specifically – it’s a more visual medium which is really cool, so it allows you to tell your story holistically and video is a huge part of that story.

How can businesses use video to engage with their current fans and grow their fanbase at the same time?

I think there’s a couple things you can do. You hear people talking about “creating viral videos” but  it’s hard to know what’s going to go viral.

What  you can do is post things that are short, interesting, and funny. You know, if you’re passionate about a certain topic and other people are passionate about it too, they are going to share the video and that’s going to help you get to the next level.

What is the best advice that you could give to a business that’s showcasing a video on Facebook for the first time?

Keep it simple. Use the tools you have on-hand.

Try recapturing a conversation that you might have already had with one of your customers. Just something that you find really interesting – that you’re passionate about. Maybe you’re a restaurant and you’re just showing a video of the chef preparing today’s special.

We know that people want to get content that is exclusive to fans on Facebook. So provide them with something they might not normally see.

Keep it short, keep it clean, and try it often. And I think that’s the first step to real success with using video on Facebook.

Is video part of your business or organization’s Facebook marketing? Tell us how you’re using video to interact with your fans in the comments section below!

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