29 Links to Make You Awesome at Facebook Marketing (So You Stop Spinning Your Wheels)

Have you been struggling to gain some traction with your Facebook marketing?

Has it come the point where no matter what you do, you still feel like you’re spinning your wheels?

Well, my friends, here’s a resource you’re really going to “Like.” (See what I did there?)

Below are 29 links to posts we’ve put together to help you race down the road to Facebook marketing success.


1. Get Real: How to Set Realistic Goals for Your Facebook Page

2. Facebook Page vs. Profile: The Heavyweight Championship Bout

3. How to Regularly Post to Your Facebook Page (Without Annoying the $#!* Out of Your Fans)

4. Turn that Frown Upside Down: How to Make an Unhappy Fan a Happier Customer

5. Get Your Customers to Say “I Want That!” in Four Easy Steps

6. Why Isn’t Your Facebook Content as Shareable as a Super Bowl Ad?

7. Read this Blog Post to Do Better on Facebook

8. When to Post to Facebook for Maximum Impact

9. Why I Like “Like-Gating” (And Why You Should Too)

10. The Backstage Pass: 3 Ways to Get Facebook Fans to Subscribe to Your Email List

11. Be Stat Savvy: Use Reporting Data to Better Engage Your Facebook Fans

12. Involve Your Fans in the Facebook Content Game

13. Rich Media’s Guide to Getting the Most Engagement on Facebook

14. Show Your Fans Some Love: Say “Thank You” with Your Facebook Page

15. Domo Arigato: No More Mr. Roboto

16. 4 Signs of Complicated Facebook Marketing Syndrome

17. Why You Should Share Instead of Sell on Facebook

18. What Can “Ghostbusters” Teach You About Promoting a Social Campaign?

19. Keep It Positive: Don’t Badmouth the Competition on Facebook

20. How to Survive a Social Media Apocalypse

21. Does Your Content Stand Out in the Facebook Gumbo?

22. Facebook Success in 15 Minutes a Day

23. Lighten Up! Have Some Fun with Your Facebook Fans

24. How to Design for Facebook Like a Pro

25. Why Your Personality Is the Secret to a “Like”-able Brand

26. Listen Up! Your Facebook Fans Have Great Content Ideas

27. How Are You Responding to Feedback from Your Facebook Fans?

28. 25 Things That Make You Look Dumb on Facebook

29. Why Facebook Likes Alone Are Not Enough

There you have some resources to make you awesome at Facebook marketing. And of course, to help you start seeing some real results.

Be sure to bookmark this post so you can refer back to it. And hey, why not use the share buttons at the left to share with your friends? I’m sure that’ll make you even more popular.

Which links have been most helpful to you? Tell us in the comments below.

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