Thank You from Constant Contact

Thanks for inspiring us this past year.

Thanks for giving us your time and attention.

We’re all looking forward to another great year with you.

Here’s to a prosperous 2013!

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  1. It continues to be a pleasure to work with Constant Contact and even more with the changes made to the Email and Event Spot tools. It is so easy now to compose, add pictures, Clip Art, and to select with ease those contacts I want to reach. I have several lists made up of people with different interests and you allow me to mail to my smallest group or my entire list in one fell swoop. Thank you for being innovative and inventive in making my busy job easier. Constant Contact is a wonderful tool for any Business, non-profit or membership based organization when they need that extra, personal contact with a segment of their customers, donors or membership. When I was in business, I wish that there had been a Constant Contact for me to use. Again, THANK YOU ALL at Constant Contact and HAVE A WONDERFUL, PRODUCTIVE, FULFILLING AND PROFITABLE NEW YEAR!


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