Pictures of the members of the Speakeasy Marketing Roundtable

The Speakeasy Marketing Roundtable: Episode 1 [Podcast]

Pictures of the members of the Speakeasy Marketing Roundtable

Your marketing questions plus a room full of beer and marketing obsessed colleagues equals the best way to spend some time on a Friday!

Listen in as content manager, Dave Charest (that’s me!) moderates a marketing roundtable discussion with social media education developer, Azure Collier, social media specialist, Danielle Cormier, social media manager, Erica Ayotte, senior product marketing manager, Josh Mendelsohn, and communications specialist, Dave Gerhardt.

What’s in this episode?

24 minutes of social media awesome!

  • Is there a downside to auto posting to multiple social networks?
  • What do people expect when they follow you on different networks?
  • How do you get more people to follow you on your social networks?
  • Why is shareable content so critically important to reaching a new audience?
  • What often overlooked Facebook feature drives a nice amount of new “Likes?”
  • How do you manufacture word of mouth on Facebook?
  • Where does selling come in on Facebook?
  • What’s the proper ratio of content/promotion?
  • How do posting frequencies differ on Facebook and Twitter?
  • How do relationships differ on Facebook and Twitter?


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  1. Love the concept of your “show”!

    A few thoughts/comments.

    Your group consists of all fairly young people. How does Facebook and Twitter relate to the older generation, or does it? For instance, I market for SuperMax Tools, and we are just “getting into” the social media portion of things. But, our target audience isn’t as Social-media savvy as other target audiences. How, then, do you still get them to Facebook and Twitter?

    Please clairy the “Sponsored Story” concept. It was a bit difficult to grasp.

    Finally, I think the whole beer theme is fun, but some people might take offense. Don’t know if that bothers you; I just thought I’d mention it. As for me, I’m going out to buy the beer you guys recommended!


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