This Week’s Free Webinars: 5/14 – 5/18

Looking for some tips, tricks and best practices for getting the most out of email marketing, event marketing, social media campaigns and local deals?  We have a whole host of webinars that will show you how to do just that.

Join us and discover new ways to make your communications more effective.  Have questions? Our expert hosts will be happy to answer your specific questions during a live q & a session following the presentation.

Take a look at what’s on tap for this week!

Tuesday, 5/15

1. Email Marketing: How to Get Started with Great Design – Tuesday, 5/15 at 11am EST

How often do you come across an email in your own inbox and actually do something with it? If you notice the emails that you open, click on, forward to friends and share in social media, what do they have in common?  Odds are they look good and give you information that matters to you in a quick and easy way. Here, we will teach you real life best practices using Constant Contact’s email templates to make your email the one that gets noticed.

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2. Planning Email Marketing – Tuesday, 5/15 at 2pm EST

When it comes to your email marketing efforts, do you find yourself wondering what emails to send, how often to send and what to say?  Join us for “Planning Marketing Emails” where we will cover all the basics to plan your email marketing program.  We’ll review the different types of emails you can send and help you define your goals.  Learn how to craft a strong call to action and understand how to determine when and how often to send your emails.  As a special bonus, you’ll leave with a calendar to help you plan and a list of questions you should know the answer to before you send.

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3. The Non-Profit Event Management Success Formula:  Planning and Promotion  – Tuesday, 5/15 at 4pm EST

You do events, but can you do better? Learn the techniques to plan a successful event for your nonprofit, an event that creates buzz, increases registrations and maximizes attendance. Master the formula to get the most out of your event management. Walk away with specific tips to plan smooth and successful events that capture your attendees’ interest and make them a huge referral engine for your next event.

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Wednesday, 5/16

1. Event Marketing Live Product Tour – Wednesday, 5/9 at 11am EST

Let Constant Contact’s in-house experts guide you step-by-step through using Event Marketing successfully—live, from the comfort of your home, office, or wherever you are. We’ll answer your specific questions, provide insider tips, and show you how to set up and promote your event.  We’ll also show you how you can use Constant Contact reports to gain useful information about your target audience.

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2. Email Marketing: How to Build and Manage Relationships with Your Contacts – Wednesday, 5/9 at 2pm EDT

What makes up your contact database and social networks? It’s the people you’ve formed relationships with – customers, potential clients, members, vendors, partners, or just interested individuals. By discovering as much as you can about these people, you can increase the success of your email marketing, event marketing and social media marketing. Explore how Constant Contact helps you manage and build relationships with your contacts.

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Thursday, 5/17

1. Email Marketing: Newsletter Makeover – Thursday, 5/17 at 7am EST

An effective newsletter builds relationships, retention and loyalty. Is yours doing that? Learn what you should be doing to make sure your newsletter not only makes it into the inbox …but also gets opened. See examples of well constructed newsletters and get design tips that you can use to make your newsletter a “must read” for your audience and help you get the results that you want.

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2. Email Marketing: How to Extend the Life of Your Email Beyond the Inbox – Thursday, 5/17 at 11am EDT

You spend a lot of time perfecting your email. Why not make sure it has the best possible reach? Don’t let it “die” in the inbox!  Join us for this webinar and learn how to schedule your email to hit your customers’ inboxes at the right time and how to expand the reach of your email through forwarding and social sharing.  You’ll also learn about Constant Contact’s reporting tools and learn how to use this information to improve future emails.

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3. Getting Started with SaveLocal – Thursday, 5/17 at 4pm EDT

Thanks to Constant Contact’s  SaveLocal, small businesses can finally get great new customers from local deals, and make money doing it.  Gone are the days of paying 50% of your revenues to a deal provider that brings you only deal-seekers who are unlikely to return!  And, it doesn’t end there – we also help you stay in touch with new buyers to keep them coming back. Learn the best ways to promote your deal with SaveLocal.

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If you can’t make any of these sessions or want to see what other webinars we offer, check here for a complete list of our Best Practices Webinars for both live and recorded versions.

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