How to Get More Results from Your Facebook Page

Have you been posting to your Facebook Page hoping something good happens?

Unfortunately, hope isn’t much of a strategy.

But don’t worry, you’re not alone. And the good news is there are proven tactics that can help you get what you really want from your investment in Facebook marketing: More fans, more shares, and more business.

So how do you get real results? For starters, you need to focus on two things:

  1. Providing a reason for users to Like your Facebook Page
  2. Providing great content that gets fans to Like, comment on, and ultimately share your posts

Let’s take a look at both.

First impressions matter

Facebook users like to Like businesses and organizations on Facebook.

Fact: Customers and prospects will Like you on Facebook if you present your brand well and give them a good reason to become a fan. Remember, first impressions matter.

When people visit your Facebook Page are they welcomed with a professional looking Page that separates you from your competitors? Or are they taken directly to the wall, like most other Pages? Use a tool like our Social Campaigns, which provides an easy way to help you customize your Facebook Page so you can stand out above the crowd and attract more fans.

But getting more “Likes” and fans is only part of the story

The way many people measure success on Facebook is, at best, incomplete. It’s not about how many fans you have — it’s about the quality of the engagement with the fans you have. That’s what matters most.

When users “Like” your Page, they are basically giving you permission to communicate with them in their newsfeed (i.e.: when you post on your Facebook Page, your fans will see your post in their newsfeed).

This is really no different than when people subscribe to your email newsletter; they are giving you permission to communicate with them in their inbox. Sure it’s great to have a large list size or fan base, but if no one is reading, commenting, or sharing your content, you are not really marketing.

Are you posting great content?

The number of Likes, comments, or shares your individual posts get really matter. They provide great insight into how your fans view the quality of your content.

The more Likes, comments, or shares you get, the better you’re doing at staying top of mind and building deeper relationships.

In addition, comments and Likes help Facebook to determine if your posts should continue to appear in your fans’ newsfeeds. If your posts are ignored, then Facebook will effectively hide them from most newsfeeds. In the world of Facebook, Likes and comments are valuable, but shares are pure gold.

Why is sharing so important?

When you ask any small business what their biggest driver of new business is, the answer is almost always word of mouth referrals. In the context of social media, sharing is really just word of mouth enabled through technology.

When a fan shares your content, he is effectively promoting you to his networks of friends. If you consider that the average Facebook user has more than 245 friends, sharing can help you reach a lot of new prospects. (A Pew Research Center study recently found that the extended reach of your Page could be as many as 31,170 people.)

So how do you start the sharing cycle?

Build a plan with a clear goal in mind. The goal could be something along the lines of the number of fans gained, documents downloaded, coupons redeemed, donations raised, or something else.

Create a great offer that relates to your goal. Then you can promote that offer with a social campaign that drives visitors to the offer on your Facebook Page and encourages your fans to share the offer.

This is why we created Social Campaigns: To give you a structured way to stand out on Facebook, stay top of mind with your existing customers, and ultimately, reach new prospects through sharing.

Of course, Social Campaigns doesn’t just offer a simple way to get real business results, it also provides you with the reporting to show you that it works. After all, if you’re not measuring, you’re not really marketing.


Want to Learn More? Check out our free guide, Turn Likes into Results: 10 Ways to Connect and Drive Real Value from Fans on Facebook.

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