How to Save Time Monitoring and Managing Your Social Networks with NutshellMail

Empty Walnut shellI was chatting recently with my friend Cody, the owner and operator of a wonderful company called Willow Springs Soap.

He was telling me about all of the changes that using Constant Contact has brought to his business. In particular, he was very eager to talk about NutshellMail and just why it’s his favorite product.

NutshellMail in a nutshell

In case you aren’t familiar, NutshellMail is a free service provided by Constant Contact. It tracks activity on your social media accounts, such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and several others, and compiles the activity into a single email for you. This saves you time because you don’t have to visit each of your social media accounts individually to monitor what’s going on.

You’re also able to adjust the settings to see exactly what you want to see in the emails and at what time and how often you want the emails sent. And no need to stress about passwords because NutshellMail syncs up with your social media accounts.

Why you’d be nuts not to use it

Here are just a few great things Cody does with NutshellMail:

  • Keeps in touch with only 20 minutes a day
    Between running a small business, working a full time job, and maintaining a happy home life, things can get pretty hectic. That’s why Cody set up his NutshellMail account to receive his Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and YouTube updates daily at 12pm and 6pm. He dedicates exactly 10 minutes in the afternoon and 10 minutes in the evening to his social media sites and makes sure to interact and engage with his customers.
  • Target birthdays and new customers
    On the second day of using NutshellMail, Cody noticed it was the birth date for three of his fans. Right from within the NutshellMail email, he immediately posted to each one of their walls on Facebook. He wished them a happy birthday and offered them 40% off of their next purchase. Over the next few days, his connection to these fans had brought in a total of four sales, two of which were from brand new customers. Cody does this for new customers too. After they have liked his page, he thanks them for being a local shopper and encourages them to shop again.
  • Receive immediate updates
    Some days are busier social media days than others. One day in spring, Cody read that Colorado State University was having its annual mud football charity event. He knew that several of his customers were students so he logged into his NutshellMail account, clicked the Update button, and immediately received an email with the latest social media activity. He spent some extra time that day interacting with students who had mud football pictures uploaded or tweets about being covered in dirt. Soap is after all, the best way to get clean.

Get Cracking

Tyr NutshellMail for yourself, it’s simple to get started:

  1. Go to and create an account.
  2. Sync up any Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, YouTube, Yelp, FourSquare, or CitySearch accounts you have.
  3. Set up your delivery schedule so that you receive your NutshellMail email when and how often you want it.

Success In A Nutshell

In a nutshell (yes, I had to go there), NutshellMail has helped Cody bring in about 25% of new business. His twice daily emails keep him on track so that his social media sites don’t sit static. And NutshellMail has given him time and energy back to spend on so many other things that matter.

To learn more about using NutshellMail, take a look at our NutshellMail Demo Video or visit the NutshellMail website.

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