Keep Your Social Campaign Offers Rolling with Videos

When it comes to social campaigns, you can’t just set it and forget it.

A successful strategy doesn’t just stop once you’ve gotten it rolling.

Getting your fans and future fans interested and engaged by giving them great new offers is part of what keeps things moving.

So, since gathering marketing “moss” is a bad idea, let me tell you about one of the things you can offer that’s easy to spice up, reshape, and bring back again and again.

I’m talking about videos!

Why They Work

Since people tend to be visually orientated, using a video as part of your offer can be pretty darn helpful. You can do things like:

  • Give a Product Sneak Peek – Something new coming out in a week? Showcase it through a video. You can even pair it with discount or coupon as “early access.”
  • Share Knowledge – Expert information is valuable information. Listening to it, however, rather than reading it, might open up the door to an entirely new audience.
  • Give a Tutorial – Show off examples of your product, services, or people in action.

Do More than Just Link

Right now it’s easy to include a text link to a video in your Reveal page. In fact, very soon you’ll be able to do even more by actually embedding a playable video as well.

However, if you have Email Marketing (and your video is hosted on YouTube, Vimeo, or Blip.TV, or if it’s a GoldMail video), there’s a great way to get that embedded-image feel right away.

You can create an image of a video, complete with a play button and frame, and this will be your link.

Here’s how you get the links you’ll need:

  1. Create a new email by going to Email > My Emails > Create.
  2. Select any of Constant Contact’s templates. We won’t be saving this email, so don’t worry too much about which one you pick.
  3. Click to edit a block and click the Video Link button in your left-hand menu options.
  4. Follow the “Insert Video Link” prompts to access the video you want linked, adjust the thumbnail image, and insert it into your block.
    While you are pasting the URL for your video into the Video URL field, go ahead and paste it into a Notepad file as well. You’re going to need it later.
  5. Double-click (or right-click) on the image in your block and select “Change.”
  6. In the pop-up window, you’ll find the field for that video’s image URL.
  7. Copy that URL, close the pop-up window, and close out the email.

Now, I’d recommend pasting that Image URL into that same Notepad file you put the Video URL in. That way, you don’t lose either one.

Put the image in your campaign

From here, you just need to get that image URL and the URL to the actual video into your social campaign:

  1. Edit or create your social campaign.
  2. Click to edit a block, and then click the image icon to add an image.
  3. Under the Image URL tab, paste in the URL you got from the pop-up window.
  4. Click Preview.
  5. In the “Make a clickable link:” field, paste in the URL for your video.
  6. Click Insert.

There you go! You’ve got the video link in your block and you’re ready to publish your campaign. By itself or as a highlight to your offer, videos can help you keep things fresh.

What questions do you have about social campaigns? Leave a comment in the field below and we’ll answer it in a future blog post.

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