Problems with the current deals model have been documented frequently in recent months, with story after story of merchants pushed to the brink — or worse, put out of business — because of the upside-down economics of running a daily deal.

In 2012, the deals model has evolved. They aren’t daily deals anymore; they are merchant-friendly local deals. In the new model, merchants have complete control.

Take a look at our nifty new infographic on “What the Daily Deals Market Looks Like in 2012.”

Pay particular attention to the “Ridiculously Affordable” section to see how in the new model deals don’t require steep revenue sharing.

And if you’re in the NY area on Tuesday, April 17 be sure to stop by the Daily Deal Summit Conference to catch our own, vp and gm of SaveLocal, Dave Gilbertson and product manager of SaveLocal, Dave Watchendonk on the “Making the Deal Model Work” panel.


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