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Avoid Bounces if You’re Sending to .nl Addresses!

This month, two domain names in the Netherlands, and, are being shut down.

All users are going to be given the option to create a brand new account at

The two former domains can’t be used as email hosts or websites anymore.

Consequently, organizations that send to subscribers at these domains should make sure to clean their lists.

What this means for email marketing campaigns

If you have contacts who have or hosts, they’ll no longer get the email. Instead, you’ll get a bounce. Too many bounced emails can cause all sorts of trouble, because they can make it look like you’ve either bought a very old list, or that your email is potential spam.

What you should do about it

There’s no way to directly convert contacts with expired domain names to the new domain, because there’s no way to tell what they’ll actually decide to do when creating a new email address.

Instead, you’ll want to clean your list of any and contacts.

To remove these contacts, just target these specific domain names when cleaning your list:

1. Click “Contacts. “

2. Click “Merge.” Check all of the boxes and combine your lists into one Master List.

Note: This step is not necessary if you already have a master list. 

3. Click your new list or your existing master list.

4. Use the “Search Contacts” tool. Set the first field to “Email Address.”

5. Set the second field to “ending with” and enter Check all the boxes that apply and click the “Remove” button. Repeat this process for emails, too.

After that…

If you do have a lot of contacts who were using the or hosts, you may want to announce that you’ve cleaned your email marketing list on your website and social media networks.

That way, subscribers will have the chance to sign up again and you won’t have lost them forever.

Do you have any questions about maintaining your list? Let us know below! 


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  1. How many bounces does it take before it causes trouble with your account?

  2. Blaise Lucey •

    Hi Rashida,

    If you’re using Constant Contact, bounces will generally depend on the size of your account — a bigger subscriber list will naturally have more bounces.

    Our account review team will generally flag accounts that see a sudden spike in bounce rates and then ask for a list review, so you’ll have plenty of notice before your email marketing gets into any serious trouble.

  3. Thanks for the heads up! Another option for companies to consider is LeadSpend’s real-time email validation service. We quickly and accurate identify whether an email address is still valid and deliverable or not. The service provides a reliable way for companies to safeguard against sending messages to invalid email addresses, a process that can significantly improve email marketing performance.


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