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2013 Social Media Predictions, Part 2 [Speakeasy Podcast #25]

What’s in this episode?

13 minutes of social media awesome!

1. This week’s topic: 2013 Social Media Predictions, Part 2

2. Questions/topics we discuss:

  • Why visual content will continue to dominate
  • How technology is making it even easier to publish to social networks
  • What does mobile really mean?
  • Why you really need to be mobile-friendly?
  • Why your online listings must be up-to-date
  • Will marketers be using fewer social sites?
  • The year of focus
  • Use the social channels that fit your personality
  • Relationships still drive success

Enjoy! (Did you miss part 1? Listen to part 1 of this conversation here.)

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About the Speakeasy

Your marketing questions plus a room full of beer and marketing obsessed colleagues equals the best way to spend some time on a Friday!

Listen in as content manager, Dave Charest (that’s me!) moderates a marketing roundtable discussion with social media education developer, Azure Collier, social media specialist, Danielle Cormier, social media manager, Erica Ayotte, senior product marketing manager, Josh Mendelsohn, social media specialist, Kristen Curtiss, and communications specialist, Dave Gerhardt.

Ask your social media and marketing questions in the comments below and we’ll answer them in an upcoming episode! Or you can email your questions to: SocialTeam (at) ConstantContact (dot) com


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  1. Thank you for this podcast! It was interesting and (luckily) validates what I am teaching. I am on week 3 of a 6 week “Advanced Social Media for Business” class at the Nackey S. Loeb School of Communication. I am going to post this podcast on my (personal) Facebook and also will be encouraging my students to listen in! [P.S. I also am the Marketing Director for Shorty’s Mexican Roadhouse who just came on board with our menus via Single Platform… [THEY ROCK!] Thank you again!

    • Dave Charest •

      Judi, thanks for the comment.

      We love to hear everything you just said. :)

      Let me know if there are ever any topics we can cover to help with your course.

      And now I want a burrito. Weird. ;)

    • Hi Judi, I’m from Nashua – I’m obsessed espinaca! I’ve been a regular customer for many years, so excited to hear you enjoy our podcasts! :)


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