4 LinkedIn Features That Will Help You Expand Your Network

Have you logged into LinkedIn lately?

If not, you’re probably part of the 32% of people who check in a couple times a month or less.

You’ve got a profile and maybe your business or organization has a page on LinkedIn, but you haven’t had time to take your LinkedIn activity to the next level.

Well, now’s your chance — LinkedIn has been adding and updating some smart features that will help you grow your network and business.

Here’s a look at four of them.

Follow Button

Last month, LinkedIn launched a follow button for company pages. When you add it to your website, new followers can click once and get your company’s updates through their LinkedIn profile homepage.

Why add another social media button to your page? Because LinkedIn ranks first among social media sites in generating new leads.

Your Alumni Network

Networking gets a little easier when you’ve got something in common with a potential contact.

Start with your alma mater. As a graduate of a Midwest university living on the east coast, I’m always looking to connect with fellow alumni in my area.

LinkedIn Alumni has some great search features that will help you find classmates to add to your network. Search LinkedIn’s interactive graph with a combination of your university, graduation year(s), industry, workplace, and city. You’ll find profiles that match and see the people and groups you have in common.

Apps to Share Your Content

Take that great work you’ve been doing and showcase it by using LinkedIn applications.

Add a slideshow to your profile with the SlideShare, Google Presentations, or Behance Creative Portfolio Display. If you have a blog, add the Blog Link app to pull in an RSS feed of your latest posts. Publish status updates on your company page that link to your content and share it with your followers.

Your knowledge will be on display, and that helps establish you as the expert people look to when they need your industry’s products or services.

LinkedIn Events

Have trouble finding networking events? LinkedIn Events will show you events related to your network, industry, and location.

You can see who’s registered and which businesses and organizations are represented. LinkedIn will also suggest attendees you should connect with. All you need to do is show up and grab your name tag.

While you’re there, gather new contact information with LinkedIn’s Cardmunch iPhone app. Use it to snap photos of business cards and submit them to LinkedIn. You’ll get a digital version of the card and it’ll be connected to the person’s LinkedIn profile.

What Have You Tried?

These are just four tools built into LinkedIn. You can find more resources and best practices in LinkedIn’s Learning Center.

Have you found success with one of LinkedIn’s features? Tell us about it in the comments section below.


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  1. Alumni connections are always a great way of expanding your network. Unlike cold contacts, when you reach out to them you’ll already have a common point of interest that can serve as a launch point for dialogue.

    Although LinkedIn Groups have been around for a while, there’s always an opportunity to get more involved in the discussions. Because they focus on specific industries, job functions, etc., your likelihood of connecting with others in your space is greater than if you try to expand your network through broadcast status updates.

    • Thanks Shawn! I noticed you’re in marketing – what LinkedIn Groups would you recommend? Always looking for some interesting marketing discussions.


  2. I love the Constant Contact Blog. It’s true things are always changing, and nowhere is this more evident than with Social Media and anything else online. It’s as if, just when you think you are up to speed, there’s something new.
    Thanks for the tips!

  3. This is really great information. I’ve just started to expand my linked in network and I didn’t know about these tools. Thank you so much for this information. I am especially excited about the linked in events, and eager to post my upcoming trainings to that site. Thank you so much for this valuable resource!

  4. Azure,
    In addition to being an Authorized Local Expert with Constant Contact, I also speak on the topic of LinkedIn (& will be doing so again on 3/12!). LinkedIn just keeps getting better & better. In terms of LinkedIn Apps,I like using the app for sharing articles and tips I’ve written.
    I’d encourage nonprofits to learn how they can harness the power of LinkedIn to grow their organizations. They’ve even set up a special learning center for nonprofits found at


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