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Rich Media Wins Again: Embedded Video Blocks Come to Social Campaigns

video block previewIf you read this blog, you know that we’re big believers in using rich media like videos and images in your email newsletters, social media posts, event invitations, and social campaigns.

Starting Friday, it’ll be even easier to embed exclusive video content from your YouTube account into a Constant Contact social campaign with our embedded video block.

Embedding a video is easy

The process is simple whether you’re adding video to an existing social campaign or using it as the focal point of a new campaign. All you have to do is go into the editor for a campaign template, click on “add blocks” at the top left, select “video” from the list, click on the video block and paste in the URL of your YouTube video. Nice and easy!

You’re probably thinking that’s great and all, but what kind of video should I post?

Here are three options you can do right from your iPhone or Flipcam to help you drive fans and fan engagement. (Need help with Youtube? Learn how to upload videos in the Social Quickstarter.)

  1. Message from the head of your organization just for your fans: People love to hear directly from the boss, regardless of what size your organization is. You can create a short video message thanking people for being your fans, sharing your passion for what you do, or showing them around your offices space. Your fans will love to get an insider’s look and you’ll get them more engaged than before. (See our “Thank You” example below.)
  2. Excitement about a new product or service or event: We know that people become your fans for exclusive access to information, so why not use a video to tell them about the awesome thing coming down the road. Whether it’s a special event you’re planning, a new line of merchandise, or a new set of hints and tips you can build excitement and by sharing your enthusiasm.
  3. Additional color for other content you are posting: Another angle you can take with a video is the story behind the story. For example, take a short video explaining why you chose to launch a new product or item or adding voice over to a white paper or best practices guide. Adding your own expertise to the story helps build up your credibility and show why people should buy from you instead of the other guy.

What types of videos do you like to use to show off the personality of your brand? Tell us in the comments below.


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  1. Star Gazer •

    Is there any way we could include original MP3 (audio) files for email marketing?
    Also, I’d like to see if we could upload/embed video clips directly from our computer, not bypassing YouTube. These could be great for us creative artists/musicians to promote our business.

  2. thinkgardner •

    Where’s the video block option again? I click “Add blocks” and there’s no video option.

    Please explain.

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  5. Ralph •

    How do you just upload an audio file?


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