Facebook + Exclusive Video = Fans

Remember when I told you last month that there’d soon be a way to embed videos right into your Social Campaign with no fuss or muss? Well, the wait is finally over! Now there’s an easy way not only to link to videos, but to embed them in your Social Campaign.

  1. Jump in to edit your social campaign.
  2. Go to your Reveal page.
  3. Click on Blocks on the left hand side.
  4. Click to insert Video block.
  5. Click to edit the new video block.
  6. Paste in the URL for your YouTube video
  7. Click Get Video.
  8. Click Insert.

There you go! You’ve got a great video embedded right in the middle of your campaign. Now that you know it’s that easy, here are a few things you can do with it:

  • Say Hello – Seeing the faces behind the business or organization is always nice. Use the time to introduce yourself or your team on your Reveal page.
  • Create a Quiz – Give some information in the first video, then take a poll or ask questions on the second. Talk about making things interactive!

Embedding videos into a Social Campaign can open up a brand new world of possibilities.

How will you use video embedding? Let us know below!


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  1. This is great news! We will prepare for it. Thanks.

  2. Jaime McCall •

    You are very welcome! Feel free to let us know how it goes for you! Thanks!

  3. thinkgardner •

    For anyone using the Facebook HTML apps like iFrame Wrapper or Static HTML for the past year, “embedded video” isn’t news. It may be new to ConstantContact but not to any social media person worth their weight in salt.

    • Jaime McCall •


      Thanks for taking the time to comment! There are definitely a lot of apps that have made embedding a video in Facebook a reality for some time now. You mentioned a couple great tools that definitely do the job.

      However, while embedding video isn’t new for Facebook in general, it is new for Social Campaigns. Up until just recently, embedding a video in a Social Campaign wasn’t something we were able to easily offer. Now, however, we’ve built it right into the product itself!

      I’m sorry if we were a little confusing on just where and how the embedding was new. Thanks for pointing out the difference!

  4. I’m trying to embed a video into custom email marketing. Can’t seem to handle the embed code provided from youtube.

    • Jaime McCall •


      I know that the code for a custom email can be a bit tricky to navigate sometimes. You may want to contact our Customer Support department so they can view your email directly and see what they can find. You can find all the ways to get in touch at:




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