Group of happy teenagers near high school building.

Facebook Fans: Why Focusing on Quality Leads to Quantity

Group of happy teenagers near high school building.I remember high school well.

It always felt like there was a competition going on to see who could have the most friends … or at least to make it seem like we did.

But I also remember that whenever I needed help or advice, there were those two or three quality friends that without question were by my side. These are the ones that I am still friends with today. And they’re the ones I can always count on for support.

The same kind of thing happens today when it comes to Facebook Pages. It seems like everyone is trying to see who can get the most “Likes.”  But it’s really the smaller subset of quality fans that you can count on for support in your business.

And when you focus on these quality fans they help you attract the higher quantity to your Page over time.

So what is a quality fan?

A quality fan is not only someone who has “Liked” your Page but someone who stays a fan over time and engages actively with your business. They like your posts, they share your content, and they probably even purchase products and services from you.

Why is a quality fan important for your business?

Well, let me ask you a different question. Why do you even want fans on your Facebook Page? Do you just want them to scroll through your Page once in a while and then leave? No. You want them to read your posts, talk about them, and then tell their friends. These are the fans that will eventually buy from you and help your business grow.

How should you interact with a quality fan?

Treat them well! They may be called “fans” but these fans will hopefully, if they’re not already, be your customers one day. Have a “Fan of the week” on your Page to highlight why you appreciate them.  Answer questions that your quality fans have. Give them special deals and promotions. Treat them well and they will treat you and your business well.

Ok, I know what you’re thinking. Isn’t it also just good to have a large number of fans and be able to say “My business has 1000 fans on Facebook!”

I was recently at a small business event and I heard one of the attendees say that she has “Facebook Envy.” This term really demonstrated how we sometimes get caught up in the numbers. She would compare her fan count to other similar businesses on Facebook and she really just wanted to have more fans than them. I fully acknowledge that it is good to have a large number of fans, but without their engagement with your business, they’re essentially useless.

Bottom line, having quality fans will lead to quantity as well. They will share, their friends will see, and then you will have new fans.

What can you do right now to get more quality fans?

Take a look at your Facebook Insights to measure the quality of your fans. Look at the number of impressions a particular post had and how many likes and comments your posts are receiving. The posts that get the most interactions are what your fans are interested in. Give them more of this content. Be mindful of WHO you are talking to and WHAT their needs are.

And then just like those quality friends from high school, they’ll be the ones who support you. You’ll find those quality fans helping your Page and your business grow.

So what is your opinion? Do you strive to have quality fans or go for a large quantity of fans? Tell us below!


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  1. What is your opinion on buying targeted “fans” or “Likes”? I know that this form of SMM is pretty popular because many people do have “Facebook Envy.” Not only that but in today’s environment it takes a lot of work to generate a decent following, and some small businesses just don’t have the knowledge or time to dedicated to their SMM building. Thanks in advance for your thoughts.RFG Mission Statement

    • Hi Jason, thank you for your question! I have read a bit about buying fans and I can see why purely the large number of fans on a business page, could even on its own, attract someone to “like” the page as well. Thinking “hey, if so many other people “like” this page, then I probably should too”. However, I have a couple thoughts. I would be very careful about what service is used to do this and that is not some sort of scam and that these fans truly are targeted. They need to be right for your business and those who ideally need/want what you offer. Additionally, just having the fans is simply not enough. In order to really engage with these fans and hopefully have them eventually purchase your product/service, you need to know them, understand them, and provide the content they want. This naturally will take time to dedicate but if done correctly will prove to be worthwhile. Hope this is helpful!

  2. Hi Shirin,

    I’m Andre, CEO of This is one of the best article about the difference between Quantity and Quality fans. You hit the nail right on the head. I preach this all the time to our clients and other business owners. I rather my client have 1000 Quality fans than 10,000 Quantity fans.

    You said it best “when you focus on these quality fans they help you attract the higher quantity to your Page over time.” I couldn’t agree more.

    Kudos for sharing this… I will pass it on.


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