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How to Use Admin Roles to Protect Your Facebook Page

Small business owners and nonprofits, like you, can’t do it all.

That’s why you have employees, volunteers or friends and family to help get things done. But what happens when you and one of your staff members part ways? And what happens when that staff member has the keys to your business’s social media accounts?

That situation is playing out publicly on a Facebook Page for a local breakfast spot near my town. An admin on the restaurant’s page has blocked access to the owner, and is posting explicit and offensive content. Customers are confused, rumors are flying, and some have decided to boycott the business because they misinterpreted the content as coming from the owner.

So how do you get help with your social media marketing while protecting your Facebook Page (and business’s reputation)? Use Facebook’s admin roles to limit the amount of access your admins have.

Using admin roles

To find admin roles, go to the Admin Panel of your Facebook Business Page. Click the “Edit Page” tab, and select “Manage Admin Roles.”

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Next, you’ll see all the people who are admins of your page. You can change the roles that each admin has by clicking on the admin role listed below their name.

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Types of admin roles

There are five types of admin roles, and each one has varying levels of access to your Facebook Page. You can have as many admins on your page as you’d like and can have multiple admins assigned to the same kind of role.

  1. Manager – This is the highest level of access on a Facebook Page. Managers can decide who can be page admins and select their roles. Managers can also post on the page, respond to messages, create Facebook ads, and view analytics (also known as Facebook Insights) for the page.
  2. Content Creator – A content creator has all of the rights of a manager except for adding and assigning roles to page admins. They can post on the page, respond to messages, create ads, and view Facebook Insights.
  3. Moderator – The page moderators have less access than managers and content creators. They can’t post content to the page, but they can respond to comments posted on the page by your fans. They can also send messages, create ads, and see Facebook Insights.
  4. Advertiser – Admins in the advertiser role are limited to only creating ads for the page and viewing Facebook Insights.
  5. Insights Analyst – This has the least access of all the roles. An insights analyst is restricted to viewing Facebook Insights only. They cannot create ads or post as the page.

How to use admin roles

As the business owner, you should have the manager role for your page. If you are also assigning the manager role to someone on your staff, make sure that person is trustworthy. Page managers can reassign roles, meaning if you and that person have a falling out, they can delete you as an admin and take over the page.

The best role for someone who is helping with your business’s Facebook Page is content creator. These admins can help with the day-to-day activities of your page, and you as the manager can remove content creators once they leave your company.

If you have a person who only helps with customer service on your page — someone who answers fan questions or responds to comments — the moderator role may be best for them.

The advertiser role should be assigned to anyone internally who works with ads for your business. And if you have staff that helps with content strategy or planning, you might want to give them access as an insights analyst so they can get a picture of what kind of content has worked for your page.

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  1. Great read & timely Azure.

    Heading into our 5th year on Facebook, our team admin also just found out that anyone can review your page if you have a physical address on the Facebook Page & you can NEVER remove it either if negative or contains inaccurate information.

    “Page admins cannot remove individual reviews from their Page. If you prefer not to allow ratings and reviews on your Page, you can remove your Page’s address. To remove your address..”

    This could potentially be a liability if you have anyone or a competitor who negatively reviews your small biz for sure.


  2. Azure Collier •

    Thanks for the comment Clint and that tip about reviews. Reviews are a good learning experience. It’s important to keep up the good AND bad ones. Thank everyone for leaving a review and comment on the negative ones – offer your help to solve any problems they have. A negative review with a public comment from the business who is trying to help is great customer service, and shows anyone who reads the review that the business cares about their customers’ needs.


    • Thanks Azure and lesson learned. Reminds me of the difference between constructive feedback and outright spam criticism which need to be handled much differently as a company. Working on that one this month with our team:)


  3. One of the toughest aspects regarding the negative Facebook Page reviews is that you cannot add a company rebuttal or response nor can you contact the customer in response to their negative review/comment. Any suggests for contacting the disgruntled customer?

    • Azure Collier •

      Hi Garrett,
      You can respond to reviews with a comment – it will post as you instead of your business. So you could respond, thank them for their feedback, let them know what you can do to help, and ask them if they would like to connect offline in person. Give them direct contact information like your phone number or email. If they don’t respond back, that comment you left is still there attached to the review and shows anyone who reads the complaint that you are responsive, you care about customer service, and you are open to feedback and your customers’ opinions/needs.

      Hope that helps!


  4. Iʻm wondering how does one remove its name on the Page when comments are now posted. Before it was just the company name now it has my personal name on the posts and I donʻt really care for that service. It was activated today, 2/21/14. Can you help? Oh yes, another issue is the photo albums on my fb page, it doesnʻt move around like before. I used to alpha all my photo album and halfway through the other half of the albums are unable to move. Now itʻs all out of sync. Please help.

  5. Azure Collier •

    Hello Ono Kline,
    If you’re talking about the new feature that shows which admin created and posted a post on your page, those are actually just seen by the admins and not the general public. It’s to help you and the admins see which of them are posting what on your page.

    However, if you’re referring to an admin making a post or creating a comment and being seen as their name and not as the page, check what admin level they have. If the page admins who are have access to your page are an Insights Analyst or Advertiser, they are not allowed to comment as the page, just themselves. If you want them to comment as the page, you need to elevate those people to Manager, Content Creator or Moderator. Facebook has more information on who can comment as the page in this chart:

    Also make sure that if you are an admin that can comment as the page that you are using the page persona and not your personal persona. Go to your page, and look at the top above the admin panel. Make sure it says ‘You are posting, commenting, and liking as NAME OF PAGE — Change to NAME OF PERSON.” If it’s reversed – if the setting says you’re commenting as the person and not the page, click on the link to change to commenting as the page.

    As far as the photo albums, I’m not sure why that’s not working. I’ve checked all the pages I admin, and I can click and drag the albums into whatever order I want. I would suggest maybe closing your browser and restarting or maybe restarting your computer.

    Hope that helps!


  6. Ivo Ferin •


    If I could ask for assistance on clarifying something about the Administrator roles.
    I have a fan page (Im the administrator) and I wanted to to add the fan page profile as an administrator on another event (created by someone else) where I also am an administrator with my personal Facebook. But even with administrative rights on the event, I can’t add the Fan page administrator as the event administrator.
    I ask this because as an administrator of a fan page, I can’t post nothing besides replies on other event’s besides my own event.

    Thank you for the replies.

  7. Hello! I would like to know if I can only add managers from my friends list or can I add managers from the list of people who likes the page too? thank you in advance.

  8. What about the original Admin’s Ad account and their ability make payments from their own paypal account? Is that accessed (Originator’s ad account) by other admin and content creators or do they have their own ad accounts. I don’t want people to be able to created fees on my account.

  9. diane •

    How do you delete a post from FB after its been posted?


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