How to Get More Results from Your Facebook Page

Have you been posting to your Facebook Page hoping something good happens?

Unfortunately, hope isn’t much of a strategy.

But don’t worry, you’re not alone. And the good news is there are proven tactics that can help you get what you really want from your investment in Facebook marketing: More fans, more shares, and more business.

So how do you get real results? For starters, you need to focus on two things:

  1. Providing a reason for users to Like your Facebook Page
  2. Providing great content that gets fans to Like, comment on, and ultimately share your posts

Let’s take a look at both.

First impressions matter

Facebook users like to Like businesses and organizations on Facebook.

Fact: Customers and prospects will Like you on Facebook if you present your brand well and give them a good reason to become a fan. Remember, first impressions matter.

When people visit your Facebook Page are they welcomed with a professional looking Page that separates you from your competitors? Or are they taken directly to the wall, like most other Pages? Use a tool like our Social Campaigns, which provides an easy way to help you customize your Facebook Page so you can stand out above the crowd and attract more fans.

But getting more “Likes” and fans is only part of the story

The way many people measure success on Facebook is, at best, incomplete. It’s not about how many fans you have — it’s about the quality of the engagement with the fans you have. That’s what matters most.

When users “Like” your Page, they are basically giving you permission to communicate with them in their newsfeed (i.e.: when you post on your Facebook Page, your fans will see your post in their newsfeed).

This is really no different than when people subscribe to your email newsletter; they are giving you permission to communicate with them in their inbox. Sure it’s great to have a large list size or fan base, but if no one is reading, commenting, or sharing your content, you are not really marketing.

Are you posting great content?

The number of Likes, comments, or shares your individual posts get really matter. They provide great insight into how your fans view the quality of your content.

The more Likes, comments, or shares you get, the better you’re doing at staying top of mind and building deeper relationships.

In addition, comments and Likes help Facebook to determine if your posts should continue to appear in your fans’ newsfeeds. If your posts are ignored, then Facebook will effectively hide them from most newsfeeds. In the world of Facebook, Likes and comments are valuable, but shares are pure gold.

Why is sharing so important?

When you ask any small business what their biggest driver of new business is, the answer is almost always word of mouth referrals. In the context of social media, sharing is really just word of mouth enabled through technology.

When a fan shares your content, he is effectively promoting you to his networks of friends. If you consider that the average Facebook user has more than 245 friends, sharing can help you reach a lot of new prospects. (A Pew Research Center study recently found that the extended reach of your Page could be as many as 31,170 people.)

So how do you start the sharing cycle?

Build a plan with a clear goal in mind. The goal could be something along the lines of the number of fans gained, documents downloaded, coupons redeemed, donations raised, or something else.

Create a great offer that relates to your goal. Then you can promote that offer with a social campaign that drives visitors to the offer on your Facebook Page and encourages your fans to share the offer.

This is why we created Social Campaigns: To give you a structured way to stand out on Facebook, stay top of mind with your existing customers, and ultimately, reach new prospects through sharing.

Of course, Social Campaigns doesn’t just offer a simple way to get real business results, it also provides you with the reporting to show you that it works. After all, if you’re not measuring, you’re not really marketing.


Want to Learn More? Check out our free guide, Turn Likes into Results: 10 Ways to Connect and Drive Real Value from Fans on Facebook.


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  2. Barbara chupick •

    I don’t understand how one gets people to go to your facebook page.

    • Send out a Constant Contact email telling your customers that you have a FaceBook page and that you will be offering specials available only on FB!

      • Alysan makes an excellent point. If you have a list of email subscribers, one of the best ways to grow your Facebook fans is to send an email to let them know that you are on Facebook. Constant Contact makes this easy by providing “Find Us on Facebook” buttons that you can add to your newsletters. In addition, there are specially designed social templates that you can use. I also recommend putting a sign in your place of business, a link on your business card and/or on your email signature.

        Bottom line: Don’t just create a page, drive traffic to it by telling people about it.

        Of course its important to get more fans, but how you engage the fans you do have matters most. If you provide quality content for your existing fans (it does not have to be coupons and discounts), you will not only build deeper relationships but chances are your fans will share your posts with their friends. Just like word of mouth, when a fan shares your post, there is a good chance that some of their friends will like your page.

        A few weeks ago we launched Social Campaigns, which makes it easy for you to customize your Facebook page and run campaigns that are designed to get you more fans, engage your existing fans and ultimately get them to share your campaign with their friends. Check it out to learn more.

    • There are two major ways to do this depending on what kind of business you have. Is is a ‘business to business’ model or ‘business to consumer’?

      I can probably provide you with some good advice on either model for you :)

      • We’re interested in marketing business to business and are wondering how to get potential customers to our page – any help would be appreciated.

        • What I’ve found to be working for my B2B company is actually starting on other pages. As your page, interact and like other business pages that you would like to have as customers or connections. This lets them know that not only are you here, on Facebook, but that you are watching them and you care about what they are interested in. Post content on your page that is relevant to your industry as a whole, not just your business. This way people will see you as a resource, as @Blaise Lucey mentioned in his comment.

          Attaching a FB icon to your website and emails are huge because they will bring in the audience outside of your initial FB network.

          Another way that I’ve found to work well for me is using LinkedIn groups to generate Facebook fans. If you create a presence on groups that are relevant to your industry and maybe post your Facebook page link in a discussion than people will be encouraged to check out your page for you, not just for what you sell.

          Social media is changing B2B marketing in a big way in that you’re not just marketing your business to other businesses anymore, you’re marketing yourself to other business owners (who are also just individuals). Don’t be afraid to be casual in online conversation because that’s the idea behind ‘social’.

          I hope this helps! Good luck!

    • First of all, social media is no fast buck, it is a long term reputation-building strategy. You are NOT looking to make friends; you ARE looking to generate long term interest and an online following by consumers of your business. VCheck out the facebook ads and develop a targeted strategy that gets people to click on your ad. When they do, direct them to a promotion on an interstitial page that entices with an offer of some kind that that demographic should want more info on. To get past the interstitial page, make them like your facebook tab, and the first thing they do when they click like and see the next page, or facebook tab, is to enter their constant contact email. log into facebook and try my URL at for an example of how I am doing this, and you will see how this works. If you are over 50 and live on the coast of Maine or New Hampshire down to within a certain radius of Boston, you will likely see my ads for right-sized American made furniture, and then when you click on the ads, you are directed to my custom facebook interstitial page and tab with constant contact info. Please DO like us, (you can unlike us later if you want to) but if you are not genuinely interested in my products, DON’T sign up for our Constant Contact email newsletter. Good luck to you!

      • Offering a coupon is certainly a great way to get people to like your page and share your offer with their friends, but discounts and giveaways don’t make sense for all businesses. Content is still king and if you empower your fans with knowledge or inspire them with a great story, you will get more likes, comments and shares. As a B2B company, you are likely an expert of your domain. Share that knowledge. Offer a white paper for download or post a video with your tip of the day. As a non-profit, you are likely making someone’s world a better place to live. Why not share those stories through a video or a testimony.

        we may not all be expert marketers, but we are good at what we do and sharing our knowledge, inspirations, pictures, videos and entertaining stories is a great way to build community. Of course, everyone likes a discount, so if you are willing to offer a deal, I am sure your fans will appreciate it and likely share it with their friends.

        The key to getting more likes is offering good content. Let users know what they can expect from liking your page, make sure you deliver on that promise and if you do, your fans will not only “like” you more, they will tell all their friends about you.

  3. Bill Hess •

    Very helpful. I wish I could “bookmark” this as I am not ready to use this right now but probably will not be abe to find it later when I want it.

    • You need to find an online video of Gary Vaynerchuk’s keynote address to the Inc.500/5000 where he rants (with ample profanity) about how lame business owners don’t “get” how critical it is to be on facebook and engaging with customers. You really cannot afford NOT to be doing this. YESTERDAY.

      • Thanks Ross,
        Searched for and watched that online video and was blown away.
        Keeping up with social media can be a challenge, but it’s incredibly important.
        My boss watched it too, and for an hour? – that is saying something! :o)

        Thanks Mark, for the original article. Many times I file my Constant Contact emails away, but I’m realizing I’ve got to spend more time reading these helpful articles. I learn a lot from the ‘Comments’ too!

  4. Is it applicable to Google+ pages also?

  5. Blaise Lucey •

    @Aum Tech Virtual Instruments
    Right now, Social Campaigns is a tool that only works with Facebook.

    @Ross Endicott & @Barbara chupick:

    I think that reputation growth is the key aspect of any Facebook Page, at least at the beginning. The goal is to position your business or organization as a resource for fans so that, when they’re ready to make a buy, they think of you first.

    That said, it’s tough to grow that reputation. Sending out an email to those on your contact list about the page is a great way to get an initial bump, as long as you provide an incentive for people to Like the page (via a Social Campaign).

    From there, you should regularly promote the Page by sharing interesting news, photos, videos, etc. about your field. Because when one fan Likes a post, all of their friends can see that Like and may get curious about your business, too.

    The idea is that once this Like happens, there’s a snowball effect – friends of fans will see their friend Liked something and go to your Page… where they’ll see the Social Campaign & the offer right off the bat.

  6. Ellen •

    What is a smart list? How do I go through my personal fb friends list and get them to like my business?

  7. I agree with Facebook being an extension of word of mouth. In fact in this article of quotes you haven’t heard (, I wrote, “‘Top of Mind’ comes from “Word of Mouth.” “Word of Mouth” comes from Facebook.” I’ve met some of my best clients on Facebook.

  8. Thank you for posting this article. I will definitely check out the other links you mentioned within the article and see if I can build our social media presence. Thanks again for the tips.

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