Here at Constant Contact we’ve been busy adding new and improved features to make our products easier to use. We’re rolling out a number of updates in the near future, and we wanted to give you a heads-up.

What can you expect?

Here’s a rundown of what we’ve got planned:

Updates for Email Marketing

  • Insert Menu Update

    NOW LIVE! A refreshed and easy-to-use insert menu: Adding items from the insert menu when editing your emails just got easier. Our previous menu was long and included both insert options, (such as image, document, and greeting) and social buttons, (such as “Like on Facebook” or “Follow on Twitter”) on the same menu screen. The improved menu is not only more attractive, but is also more practical because it is shorter and easier to navigate. Simply switch between the ‘insert’ tab, and the ‘social media’ tab to find what you need. You may also notice that we’ve added a Pinterest button!

  • A new image editing tool: You may have heard that Picnik, our image editing provider, will be closing in April. But fear not, we’re excited to launch a great, new image editing option for you before Picnik goes away. Stay tuned we’ll be keep you updated on the blog.

Updates for Social Campaigns

  • NOW LIVE! Add videos to your Social Campaigns templates: Soon, you’ll have two new options for including videos in Social Campaigns. The first update will allow you to customize any existing Social Campaign template by adding a video block. The second will be the addition of a new easy-to-use “video” template that can quickly be edited to your specifications. Find out more about how to add videos to Social Campaigns templates.

Updates for Event Marketing

  • NOW LIVE! Mobile friendly Event Marketing: Your customers can soon view, register, and buy tickets for your events on their mobile devices. We’ll be able to detect a mobile device, provide a mobile registration form, and present Express Checkout through PayPal for mobile payments. Find out more about the latest PayPal updates.

Updates in the Marketplace

We’ve also been spending time recently developing apps and integrations with a few partners. Check out these new additions to the Marketplace:

  • Free BringShare App: Track email results from delivery, to conversions, and revenue. With the free BringShare app you can easily track the end-to-end results of your Constant Contact email marketing campaigns from delivery to conversions and revenue without manual data manipulation. The BringShare Email Marketing Dashboard brings together your email stats and Google Analytics data and presents them in a single graphical dashboard so you can make faster, smarter decisions to improve your email marketing performance. You can compare the performance of up to five email campaigns and easily pinpoint which parts of your email campaign work well or fall short. Setting up your free BringShare membership takes less than two minutes. Find the app in our MarketPlace.
  • Free CRM integrations: Sync your contacts automatically and segment lists for more effective campaigns.Save time managing your contacts by integrating with your customer relationship management (CRM) tool. Constant Contact integrates with the most popular CRM tools using partner integrations:

    You can automatically sync all basic fields of your contacts such as email address, first and last name, company name, and address, as well as your opt-outs. Furthermore, with the CRM integration you can also segment your contacts based on product interest or purchase history and automatically sync this list with Constant Contact to create targeted – and more effective, email campaigns. “Free for Life” and paid plans are available for these integrations. Find the app in our MarketPlace.

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