How to Respond to Tweets on a Regular Basis (Without Being on Twitter All Day)

By now you’ve probably heard that it’s important to respond to customer comments, questions, and complaints when using Twitter to market your business.

Sounds simple enough…

Someone has a question, you answer them. Someone sings your praises, you thank them. Someone voices a complaint, you address it.

These are things you’re doing every day at your place of business, why would it be a problem on social media?

Unfortunately, with all the other things you have to do, staying on top of this important social media task isn’t always as simple as it looks.

And this is something big brands struggle with as well. One recent study found the average response time for some of the biggest brands on Twitter was six hours. This may not sound like a long wait in the real world, but on Twitter, users expect a much more immediate response.

So what do you do?

The first solution is to take Twitter with you everywhere.

Download the app, sign up for email alerts, and train yourself to respond the second you get a notification on your mobile device.

But even that has its problems.

Before you know it, you’re logging onto Twitter more frequently than ever before. The whole plan of not getting sucked into spending all day on Twitter has been spoiled and you end up doing exactly what you wanted to avoid.

That’s why it’s so important to set up a schedule for responding.

Rather than fighting to keep up with the constant flow of notifications and alerts throughout the day, why not create a schedule that actually works for you?

Are there certain times when you’re able to access your computer? Do you have a part of the day when your phone isn’t ringing off the hook and foot traffic slows down?

How about before you get to your store, restaurant, or office, or maybe even after you get home?

Blocking off a few moments throughout the day when you have time to pay attention to your social media activity can take the stress out of keeping up with your social media marketing. It will give you the chance to respond in a timely manner too.

And guess what? You won’t even have to log into Twitter to do it.

Nutshell Mail helps you manage those notifications by tracking your brand’s social media activities throughout a particular time period and delivering a summary right to your inbox.

After you connect your Twitter account with Nutshell Mail, you can set up a delivery schedule. Pick the days of the week you want to receive updates and schedule the times of the day that work best for you.

Delivery Schedule

When you do receive a Twitter mention, you can post a reply from within NutshellMail without logging back into your Twitter account. NutshellMail also gives you the option to link your Facebook and LinkedIn accounts.


Now all you have to do is set up your own schedule.

If you’re already using a calendar tool to manage your schedule, you can add reminders to help familiarize yourself with the new routine. Smartphones are also great tools to help you stay on schedule.

This process doesn’t just work for Twitter…

With proper planning, it’s easy to stay on top of your social media activity without feeling overwhelmed. Use this schedule for all of your social media activities, and soon you’ll start seeing more results in less time.

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