Why You Don’t Need Your Daily Deal Provider to Tuck You In at Night

You may have seen in the news recently that other daily deal providers are offering to tuck you in at night or name your baby Clembough (yes, both of these were actually offered).

Those deals make you chuckle and provide a nice headline; however, you won’t see these deals coming from SaveLocal.

We like to have fun too, but our main goal is to give our merchants the tools they need to create a deal that actually makes sense and brings in more business through word-of-mouth.

Ah, the sweet taste of word-of-mouth

The Happy Chocolatier recently opened its doors in Acton, Mass.

This small business welcomes customers of all ages with the finest chocolate and most delicious ice cream around.

At Constant Contact, we like to support our customers when we can, so we invited them to serve ice cream to the whole team. The verdict was unanimous: The Happy Chocolatier made some VERY happy customers! Most importantly, we all told our friends.

The word-of-mouth generated from serving fantastic ice cream to nearly 700 hungry people on a warm summer’s day is likely to generate hundreds of new customers for the business over time.

Paul McMahon, The Happy Chocolatier’s founder, knows that the word-of-mouth he generates from providing a great experience and a great product is critical to his success. And yet he has very few ways to encourage, incentivize, and measure this word-of-mouth.

We designed SaveLocal with this kind of business in mind

Paul needs revenue, he needs new customers, and as a new small business, he doesn’t have a big marketing budget. So what can he do to bring in and track new customers with social word-of-mouth?

Simple! He can provide an offer to his existing customers and incentivize them to tell their friends.

Does this work? Yes!

And we’ve proven it in the past few months, as over 20% of the people who buy a SaveLocal deal are completely new customers for the business, proving the power of social word-of-mouth.

What type of local deal could Paul offer?

If Paul offered a $10 gift certificate for only $7, he would probably have some pretty happy customers. And if he added an incentive (perhaps an extra scoop of ice cream for free) that could be shared with friends, he has just created a way to experience and measure positive word-of-mouth.

Wouldn’t you like to find your next great customer?

We understand you want new customers and more revenues without spending a lot of money. SaveLocal can help you do that and make it drop-dead simple along the way. We take our business lessons more from people like Paul McMahon and less from the big behemoths in the daily deal space.

Take care of your customers and all good things will happen.

And by the way, if you get the chance to visit The Happy Chocolatier, the graham cracker ice cream, Graham Central Station, is phenomenal.

That’s a word-of-mouth recommendation your taste buds will appreciate!

Tell us how you used SaveLocal to “spread the word” about your business and get new customers!

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