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If you’re reading this blog post because of the headline, then thank you — you’ve just provided me with a great example of how a strong, specific, clear, and most importantly, simple call to action will get readers to, well, act.

Whether you want your fans on Facebook to buy something, make a donation, join your email list, download a white paper, or come to an event, you need to keep it simple.

How do you create a clear call-to-action?

The first thing to do is decide what it is you want your fans to do. Buy? Donate? Like? Join? Download? Something else? Don’t ask for too many things at one time. The best way to get measurable results is to keep your call to action focused on one thing.

Now put yourself in your fans’ shoes.

The first time anyone comes to your Facebook Page, make it clear that your page is active, engaging, and helpful.

Once they’ve decided your Facebook Page is valuable to them, be clear about what other actions they can take — encourage them to share your campaign with their social networks, download a whitepaper or coupon, or give you feedback on your wall.

The clearer you are about what you want people to do, the better your results will be. It’s really just that simple.

Let’s try another example: Please share this blog post with your friends and colleagues. Click one of the share buttons.

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What call to action gets the most results for your business or organization? Share your thoughts with us in the comments section below.

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