How to Use Exclusive Content to Grow Your Facebook Page

By now you’ve probably heard that offering something a little extra is a great way to attract new fans to your Facebook Page.

You come up with a great offer, you promote it through your existing communication channels, and hopefully you bring new people to your Facebook Page and eventually, new customers into your store.

For most businesses coming up with a great offer is pretty simple. Coupons, giveaways, and special discounts are perfect for growing your social media audience, while also rewarding your biggest fans.

But what happens when coming up with an offer isn’t quite as simple? What do you do when coupons, discounts, and similar types of promotions aren’t the right fit for your business or organization?

In these cases, content can offer the perfect solution.

The benefits of running a Downloadable Content Campaign

When done right, a Downloadable Content Campaign allows you to offer a different type of value to the people who interact with your business online.

If you run a restaurant for example, you may want to offer one of your favorite recipes for the upcoming season. If you’re a marketing consultant, you may want to offer a white paper with tips to help clients and prospects improve their own marketing efforts.

This is a great opportunity to showcase your own expertise while also developing the type of familiarity and trust that will help you strength your relationship with your target audience online.

As a business that’s just getting started with Facebook or looking to build on the work you’ve already put into your social media marketing, this is a perfect opportunity to start your relationship with new fans off on the right foot. But what does a successful content campaign actually look like, and how can you run one for your business or organization?

Here’s a closer look at how one Constant Contact customer put their first campaign in action:

As the Senior Vice President of a nonprofit, member-owned electric cooperative that provides energy services to residential, commercial, industrial and agricultural members, Jimmy Autry had his hands full when coming up with an offer to help attract fans to the Flint Energies Facebook Page.

“We came up with a few different ideas but everything we came up with had a downside we couldn’t ignore,” Jimmy recalls. “We wanted to make sure we were offering something of real value to our entire audience.”

Rather than offering a discount or promotion, Jimmy decided to use an exclusive piece of content: 101 Low-Cost/No-Cost Home Energy-Saving Measures.

“The booklet is something we’ve had available for members in the past but hadn’t really promoted it online,” Jimmy explains. “We saw how easy it would be to host it right on our Facebook Page, so we decided to give it a shot.”

Using Constant Contact, Jimmy was able to create a campaign landing page where new fans could provide their contact information in order to download the booklet. If someone wasn’t a fan, they would have to Like the Page first, and then provide their email information.

With his campaign ready to launch, Jimmy could than promote it to his own network through Facebook and Twitter, and by sending an email to his list of contacts.

The response

“We got a ton of new engagement once we announced the campaign and immediately got responses through email and on Facebook,” Jimmy recalls. “It was definitely the type of response we had hoped for.”

In addition to the feedback he heard from members early on, Jimmy was also able to track the results of his campaign every step of the way.

Over the course of seven days, more than 900 people visited the campaign landing page, more than a third of which clicked to download the energy saving booklet. Of the people who downloaded the booklet, 52 took the next step of sharing it with their own network through Facebook, Twitter, and via email.

By the end of the week, Flint Energies had added 264 new Fans. In the weeks that followed, Jimmy ran a second campaign, offering another piece of content to his Facebook fans. The second campaign received almost 2,000 page views in a single week and brought more than 500 new fans to the Flint Energies Facebook Page.

“For us, it was really a system that worked,” Jimmy explains. “We now have a whole new channel to communicate with our members, which is important for our organization.”

The anatomy of a successful Downloadable Content Campaign

  • Like any campaign you decide to run for your business, a successful content campaign starts with understanding what you want to achieve.
  • With a goal in mind, you’ll be able to choose the piece of content that best fits your needs. To simplify the process, think of one problem you could help your audience overcome. (For Jim that was helping his members save money on energy bills.)
  • From there, you’ll need to promote your campaign and demonstrate the value of taking advantage of your exclusive piece of content.
  • Track your results and use the information available to you to improve future campaigns and to deliver additional value to the people who matter most.

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