When you’re busy running a business, it’s easy to forget to use all the tools at your disposal.

And that’s especially true when you’re running a daily deal and customers are scrambling to redeem coupons before time runs out. Luckily, if you’re using  SaveLocal coupons, it’s easier to track and redeem them than ever before.

Why does it matter?

Sending out your deal into the void of the consumer market is a risky proposition when you don’t keep an open ear for the results. When you take the time to formally keep track of what coupons are redeemed you can:

  • Know if your offer is compelling enough – If you don’t get a lot of response back for your coupon, you might need to sweeten the pot. Or maybe you should think about how much time you are giving customers to use the coupons. If things expire too quickly, you might be losing out.
  • Keep tabs – You didn’t set a specific number of coupons to be available only to have someone reuse them more than once! When you keep track by redeeming, you can enforce a “one customer one coupon” rule more easily.
  • Mark trends – If you pay attention when your coupons are actually redeemed, you can get a better idea of what potential surges in activity to expect in your overall sales.

Alright, How Do I Do It?

There are three ways to take the burden of tracking your redeemed coupons almost entirely off your plate.

  • Right in your account – Just log into your Constant Contact and mark coupons as redeemed right then and there. It’s all under the Reports/Redeem icon.
  • Apps, baby – Through the Save Local for Merchants app for iPhone you can mark a coupon redeemed with a few taps, just like that.
  • Use a QR code scanner – Every coupon that goes out automatically has a QR code on it. Just scan it with your mobile device’s QR code scanner and boom, the information is in your account.

It doesn’t get much simpler than that. Now all you need to do is make the deal, promote it, and watch success come your way.

How do you keep track of coupon redemption? Let us know below! And for more information on SaveLocal, check out these SaveLocal features.

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