Use Social Campaigns to Drive More Results on Facebook

We don’t have to tell you that social media is great for connecting with current and potential customers, clients, and supporters. Many small businesses and organizations already know this.

But unfortunately, many people think social media marketing is all about posting content and getting a few more people to “Like” your Page.

The truth is, that’s just the first step.

To get real results from your efforts on sites like Facebook, you need to go beyond engagement. You need to run a social campaign.

A social campaign is designed to get your customers, clients, and supporters to take a specific action — whether that’s getting them to buy something; make a donation; download a white paper, video, or other content; register for an event; volunteer their time; or something else. You post an offer on Facebook with a specific call to action.

When you run a social campaign on Facebook, that puts the power in the hands of your customers, clients, and supporters, and lets them share your offer with others — broadening your reach and getting you in front of brand new customers. This leads to more people taking up the offer, which means more business for you.

A new tool for you

Last month, we opened the doors to our brand new Social Campaigns product for a select, invitation-only group of customers. We’ve been so thrilled to learn that many of our users are already seeing real business results outside of the basic practice of posting and monitoring. (Stay tuned to learn more about them in the coming weeks.)

Today, we’re happy to announce that Social Campaigns is available to everyone! The product allows users to customize their Facebook Page and to easily publish and manage results-oriented marketing campaigns on Facebook. Choose from templates for campaigns that include coupons, weekly specials, fundraisers, product showcases, videos, and more.

Users can publish and promote their campaigns to their Facebook fans, Twitter followers, LinkedIn connections, and email subscribers from within the Constant Contact platform, and then view reports on campaign metrics like fan growth, email list growth, participant sharing, downloads, clicks, visits, and more.

Want some tips for creating an effective social campaign? Download our FREE best practices guide, Turn Likes into Results.

Have you been using the Social Campaigns product? We’d love to know how it’s working for you. Share your thoughts with us in the comments section below.

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