Why You Should Be Pinning Posts on Facebook

Simon Rous of Scribblers knew that he had a problem.

Ever since the Timeline changes went live on Facebook, his online promotion wasn’t getting nearly as much attention.

Back in the glorious days of pre-Timeline, Simon’s social campaign usually netted him about 10 “Likes” a day. On day one of his campaign, he got over 100 Likes.

But those numbers were slowing down.

So, what had caused the trouble? Simon had forgotten about one very important feature of the new Timeline.

The Timeline mystery

For the most part, Simon’s conversion to Timeline had gone smoothly. He had a customized tab for his social campaign. He had a cover photo and a profile photo.

However, his campaign was a free, downloadable guide of 50 calligraphy tips for Facebook fans – and he noticed that, when Timeline went up, both downloads and “Likes” went down.

That’s because, despite all of his work, Timeline had made his promotion less central to the Page than before. It was up to Simon to remind people about it.

But what about tabs?

Facebook tabs are a great way to make sure that a social campaign stays visible, but there’s a chance fans may skim right over it. Simon took pains to customize both his Join My Mailing List tab and his Social Campaigns tab, but traffic was still at a standstill.

Largely, that’s because people log onto Facebook to look for entertainment and, occasionally, something useful.

When you post something that is both – like Simon’s new post about his social campaign – pinning that post will give fans more opportunities to respond. This kind of post also shows fans that your Page acts as community and a resource.

The power of the pin

“Pinning” a certain post means that the post will stay at the top of a Facebook Page for one week. Many organizations choose to pin customer compliments and experiences, others will make sure photos or announcements stay at the top.

When Simon posted his reminder about his campaign, he got 32 new Likes in a single day. The pinned post had 38 Likes and 16 comments as of April 19, which means that it engaged both current and new fans alike. Nowadays, the Scribblers Facebook Page has been getting about 20 Likes each day – double what Simon had been getting at the Page’s high point before Timeline.

A screenshot of Scribblers Facebook Insights, provided by Simon, showing the February growth from Social Campaigns & the Saturday spike from the first day of Pinning.

Building road signs

So what can we take away from Simon’s experience?

Facebook Timeline gives small businesses and organization powerful tools to promote online campaigns, but nothing is automatic.

Rather than expecting fans to find their way to a tab, small businesses and organizations have to actively engage them, both before and after the “Like.”

A social campaign that offers a reward for visiting the Page can help keep fans engaged and show them that their support is appreciated – especially if you use pinned posts to remind them about the campaign!

How have you promoted a social campaign? Let us know below!

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