Nothing can beat my dad’s homemade chili during football season.

He uses fresh, quality ingredients to create a big pot of deliciousness!

There’s something about being “made from scratch” that just makes a meal taste better.

And when you build your email list from scratch, it tastes better too.

And by that I mean you can cook up a delicious email list that is highly responsive, builds connections with your current and potential customers, and allows you to market your brand over time just by using the ingredients you probably already have.

What ingredients? Here are 15 you can put together to build a quality email marketing list:

1. Website

Add a sign-up link to your website to give current customers and those who discover you online a chance to stay connected.

2. Social Media

Add a Join My Mailing List tab to your Facebook Page and share your newsletter on all of your social networks for greater visibility. Let your social community have a chance to subscribe.

3. Blog

Consider linking blog posts to archived emails and encourage readers to learn more by subscribing to your newsletter.

4. Email

Add a sign-up link to your everyday email signature. Include a brief reason why someone should subscribe.

5. Online sales

If your business has an online retail component, you’re probably already collecting a lot of valuable information from your customers. This is an ideal time to ask customers to join your list and stay connected.

6. Phone calls

Remember to ask customers if they’re interested in receiving your newsletter. This doesn’t mean answering the phone, “Hello, would you like to join our mailing list?” but keep a reminder near your phone so the next time you have a great conversation, you’ll remember to ask.

7. In-store sign up

Put a sign-up sheet near your register or better yet try the Scan-to-Join or Text-to-Join features so people can quickly join your list with their mobile phones.

8. Networking events

Follow up with a personal email to the people you’ve exchanged contact info with. Ask if they’d like to join your list and include a link. Never add someone to your list without their permission.

9. Speaking engagements

If people are interested in what you have to say, there’s a good chance they’ll be interested in what you write in your emails. Let people know you have a resource they can sign up to receive.

10. Current customers

Word-of-mouth is a valuable tool for growing your email mailing list. Sometimes providing a simple call-to-action like: “Did you enjoy this email? Maybe your friends will too!” can get them to tell a friend and help you grow your list.

11. Family and friends

Ask your friends to share a link to your sign-up form on their social networks they may be connected to someone who could use your emails.

12. Business partners

Reach out to other businesses and see what they have done to get people to sign up for their emails. If you share a similar audience, think of ways you can help promote each other. You may be able to put in a good word for each other. (Remember: Never share your list or take one from someone else; always protect your customer’s information.)

13. Current employees

Make sure your employees know building your email list is a priority for your business. Sometimes all it takes is having employees ask customers if they’re interested.

14. Advertising

If you’re already advertising your business, why not advertise your email list? Whether it’s print, radio, or even TV, you can drive subscriptions by encouraging customers to visit your website and sign up to receive news, deals, or updates.

15. Local media

You can make the most of any media coverage your business receives by telling the person who is writing the story about your email list. Even if they don’t include it as part of their story, they could sign up themselves as a way of keeping up with your business – which could land you more coverage in the future.

Get your email list cooking!

When you put all those ingredients together, you’ll be on your way to building your own delicious email list. And building from scratch means you’ll have a list of subscribers who are more engaged and ready to eat!

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