In the past few years I’ve helped my father get his human resources related newsletter out to his hospital audience, my church get its announcements out to its congregation, and (during my time in Customer Service) many people put the final touches on their promotions, invitations, and newsletters.

And before I send any emails, I follow the same simple rules of thumb to make sure they look great before they go out the door. Allow me to share them with you today

1. Make it yours

No matter why you are emailing, your audience needs to know that the message is coming from you. Recognition not only helps you keep down spam complaints, but if you are trying to make a brand for yourself, it’s extra important. So, make sure that you:

  • Include your logo. Take the time to put it at the top of your email and resize it to make it fit appropriately.
  • Match your colors. Whether it’s the colors in your logo or the colors on your webpage, you should make sure that the color scheme remains consistent.

2. Make it appealing

There’s a reason why people spend so much time on their designs. Layout is key! Make sure that the look of the email is solid enough to show off your important content.

  • Keep column height equal. If you are using a multi-column design, don’t let one column go on-and-on while the other remains small. The white space doesn’t look great and the email starts to look unbalanced.
  • Be consistent. This works as far as alignment, font size, and font color. You don’t want to make every single block in your email use a different font or color. That gets distracting.

3. Make it easy to read

Possibly the most important thing you’ll want to do is make sure your great content is easy to read. To do that you’ll want to:

  • Avoid word walls: Lots of long paragraphs of information can be kind of hard to get through. If you’ve got a lot to say, think about creative ways to break it up like using a read more link, putting in an image, or including a bulleted list.
  • Organize your information: Having information that’s logically organized can also make it easier for readers to quickly identify what interests them most and keep them reading the email. Think about using a table of contents block, using subheadings, or including paragraph breaks.

When your emails are uniquely yours, good-looking, and easy-to-read you’ll be providing your customers with a great email experience.

What questions do you have about making your email campaigns look great? Leave a comment in the field below and we’ll answer them for you!