Facebook is simple to use.

Think about it. For personal use, you just log on, update your status, maybe write something on a friend’s wall or upload a photo, and log off. Mission accomplished.

But a lot of times, people start marketing on Facebook and a change sweeps over them. They worry endlessly about each post. They think for hours about creative things to put onto Facebook, but then think that those posts aren’t good enough.

A chill creeps into the air. Like the common cold, it can spread through an entire business or organization. And suddenly, everyone is suffering from Complicated Facebook Marketing Syndrome (CFMS).

If you, or someone you know, may be feeling anxious or confused about social media marketing, chances are good that it could be a case of CFMS.

Here are the 4 most common symptoms:

1. You have a group meeting and a storyboard for everything that goes onto a Facebook Page.

Remember, a Facebook post isn’t exactly a Super Bowl ad. It costs nothing but a minute of your time to share something on your Page.

Did something new come into the store? Maybe a headline about your industry caught your eye. Write a sentence about it and post it. Being casual and a little spontaneous can stop CFMS in its tracks.

2. You post something and immediately think the post should be better.

Maybe you asked a question on Facebook and no one answered. Maybe you’re worried that a post isn’t staying on the brand’s message. Either way, questioning everything you put on your business or organization’s Page is a definitive warning sign of CFMS.

Before breaking into a cold sweat, remember that the average Facebook post lives for less than a day in a fan’s newsfeed. Not only that, fans like seeing personality on Facebook, and every post helps establish that, yes, there’s a human behind the business or organization’s messages.

3. You tell yourself that you ‘Don’t know what to post.’

What do you care about? Chances are good that a lot of your fans will care about that, too. As long as it’s something you’re passionate about, news stories, YouTube videos, photos, or a thought that pops into your head are all fair game.

4. You think Facebook conversations are different than real-life conversations.

During really severe cases of CFMS, people insist on posting like robots. Talking to fans on Facebook is just like talking with customers and colleagues in real life. Consequently, CFMS can really set in if you’re trying to act like some inhuman brand 100% of the time, instead of yourself.

The good news: There’s a very easy cure.

It’s called “keeping it simple.”

A traditional remedy for many day-to-day stressors, keeping it simple has been practiced for centuries. To try it yourself:

1)      Log onto Facebook.

2)      Respond to fans.

3)      Share something that caught your eye during the day.

4)      Log off.

It’s just that simple.

So don’t crawl under the sheets and let CFMS win the battle. By keeping it simple, you can help guarantee that you’ll never again suffer from Complicated Facebook Marketing Syndrome.

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