The new Timeline layout for Facebook Pages is now a month old, and Page owners are starting to get used to it.

However, just because people are getting used to it, doesn’t mean they’re making the MOST of it – so I thought I’d give you 5 things that I really love about Facebook Timeline that you can use to promote your business more effectively.

Here goes:

1. Cover images

Your cover image is the big picture at the top of your Facebook Page and I think it’s a bit like a website banner or shop signage.

With old Pages we used to try to squeeze a lot of information and imagery into a thin space at the side, but now we have this big space to play with and can create some real impact and catch people’s eyes more easily.

However, don’t go thinking that you can put a giant call to action or special offer in there, as that’s simply not allowed under Facebook’s terms and conditions. Instead, use it to show off your business personality and incorporate your brand to make people feel like your Page is part of your company.

Here’s mine as an example:

 TFD cover photo

2. Linking directly to tabs

Tabs on your Facebook Page are where your apps live. You can find a million and one (or probably more!) Facebook Apps to put on your page to do all sorts of different things.

For example, the apps on my Page link to a signup to my newsletter, my latest blog posts, and a download of my most recent free guide.

Yours could be to a shop, your latest tweets, upcoming events, or whatever else you want.

Apps have always been part of Pages, but now, you can give people a direct link to an individual app – instead of just your main Page. This is particularly useful if you want to run a campaign through Facebook as you may want to email people with the tab link.

3. Highlighted posts

If you want something to really, really, REALLY stand out on your Facebook Page a highlighted post is the way forward.

All you need to do is add your post as usual and then click the little star symbol on the top right corner of the post box.

What then happens is that your post doubles in size, and is spread across both columns of your Page, making it more visual and giving the post more impact.

I use highlighted posts for things like my press mentions, or telling people about my guest articles.

Here’s one to show you how it looks:

TFD highlighted post

You can get really creative with highlighted posts, and use them to showcase images or products. Give it a try and see what you can do.

4. Custom tab images

I already mentioned tabs and apps in No. 2 above, but there’s something else about tabs that I just love, and that’s the little custom images that we can now create to draw people to them.

You can do so much with these tab images, even though they’re only small, and I wanted to show you a few examples to give your imagination some fuel.

Here are my tab images – which are all in my brand colours:

TFD tabs

The Livestrong Page has been done very cleverly to draw your eye to the apps:

Livestrong Facebook tabs

5.  Timeline navigation

It used to be quite hard to find previous posts on your Facebook Page, but now it’s super-easy. This is because of the time-based navigation at the side of the page (like the image below):

Tiffany Timeline navigation

This image is from the page of Tiffany & Co., and you can see that they are really playing up their heritage by showing on their timeline that the company is over a century old. They are able to do this because you can post things on your Page as ‘milestones’, and assign any date to them that you wish.

Do make sure you put milestones on your Page. These could be things like when you released your various products or services, appearances in the media or at events, your company birthday (if it’s a big one), or the dates that you recruited key team members. In fact, anything that’s significant that you have a date for.

That’s my round up of the 5 things that I love the MOST about Facebook Timeline. What’s your favourite thing about Timeline? Let me know in the comments – I read every single one.