Your email invitation is one of the most important ways for you to promote your event.

With your recipients’ inboxes likely filled with offers and invitations from other businesses and organizations, how can you make yours stand out from the crowd?

And getting them to open your invitation is just part of it.

Then you need to convince your invitees to register for your event.

Here are 5 quick tips to get you started for your next event:

1. Use a compelling subject line.

Without a great subject line, the rest of it doesn’t matter. The subject line is what will get people to open and see your invite. So create some urgency. For example: “Only 4 seats left for next week’s seminar,” or “Just a few spaces left for an eco-friendly wine class.”

2. Be clear on the “Why.”

Pitch the event, explaining what it’s all about, and why the invitee should bother to come. Make sure they understand the benefit or what they’ll learn.

3. Keep it short and sweet.

Let’s face it, people simply will not read long streams of text. Use bullets to list the benefits of the event. Direct them to your event landing page for more details.

4. Use a consistent color and theme.

Use your logo and your own unique brand colors in the event email invitation, homepage, and registration page. You want people to know this is an invite from you, that it is a credible event, and that it will stand out from all the other invitations your guests may be receiving.

5. Re-send to non-responders.

As your event gets closer, send a second invitation to those who have not responded to the initial invite. Don’t assume they saw the first invitation. Copy the first email and change the subject line to communicate urgency.

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Editor’s Note: This post was updated for relevancy and accuracy on October 7, 2019.