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In just under two weeks’ time we will be experiencing the climax of the British summer.

The August Bank Holiday weekend is one that is filled with back to school offers, last-minute weekend getaways and the obligatory barbecue  Which means many small businesses out there can expect to be busy.

Now we can’t promise you great weather for the weekend, but if you follow our advice on how to start promoting your Bank Holiday offers now, then you should see results when it comes to the big weekend.

Think about what you want to promote

The first thing you need to decide is what it is you want to promote for the Bank Holiday. This will be entirely up to you and what makes sense to promote will differ from business to business. For example, if you are working in a tourism-based industry then obviously it makes sense to base an offer or promotion around people getting away for a long weekend, or having somewhere to visit for a day trip.

But what if you do something vastly removed from the world of tourism? A Bank Holiday weekend is still a great time to do a promotion if you sell to other businesses, think about people who might be using the weekend to catch up on work for their own business. You could offer a few helpful downloads from your Facebook page for example.

Think about the social channels to use

After deciding what sort of promotion you want to offer, you then want to decide which social channels to promote it on. As I mentioned before if you are offering a download that is something you could do through Facebook, but you can also link back to it through Twitter so that you are covering a number of channels (remember not all of your fans and followers will be in one place so it makes sense to spread across channels).

Another great place to put your promotion is Pinterest. If the promotion is particularly visual it makes sense to put it on Pinterest. For example, if you are a tourism business, a restaurant or any business which has a visually appealing aspect, you should be on Pinterest. Remember that the big advantage of being on Pinterest is that if your visual stuff is good and gets repined you can reach a very big audience.

Start Now

Yes, the best thing you can do to make the most of your Bank Holiday is to start talking about what you want to promote now. You have two weeks to go before the Bank Holiday and every one of those days count.

Work out what you will be doing each day to promote what you have going on for the Bank Holiday, mix it up between your different channels so you don’t get to a stage where your content is over saturating your feeds. But as I said previously, not all of your followers will be in one place so you can get away with a Facebook post one day a couple of tweets the next and so on.

Keeping it visual

A little bit earlier I talked about Pinterest as being a great place to promote your Bank Holiday, especially if your industry lends itself easily to be visual. However, even if you don’t use Pinterest there is still good reason to be visual with your posts.

On Facebook, you will always get more engagement with your posts if they are visual. Pictures, albums, and videos always get more engagement than status updates and links. You don’t even have to have a big fancy creative suite on your computer to optimise pictures for your Facebook page. You can make stunning visuals completely free of charge by using an online tool like PicMonkey.

How to capitalise after the bank holiday

So you have completed your Bank Holiday campaign and it was a great success! Hurrah! But what now?

Keep it going. Social campaigns don’t have to just be for a Bank Holiday or a special shopping occasion like Christmas. You can use them at any time of the year to promote your business when you would be otherwise quiet or as a way to engage with your fans and customers.