Engaging your event attendees in between events is a great way to keep attendees loyal to your business or organization, and an even better way to keep them coming back to your events.

They key is to stay top of mind and get your audience to interact.

Here are 5 suggestions:

1. Ask them to comment and “Like” your post.

Yes, studies show it’s that simple. If you ask your fans to comment on your post, you will get a 27 percent higher interaction rate. Even better, if you ask your Facebook fans to “Like” your post, it will get a 216 percent higher interaction rate. Now you just need to think of things for them to comment on and “Like.”

2. Ask about suggestions for your next event.

People love to give their input. What’s easier than writing a quick post on Facebook or a tweet on Twitter? Annual events have it the hardest. A full year between events is a lot of time to fill!

Up to the challenge, the Chesapeake Wine Festival asked their fans for suggestions for next year’s event.

Not only was this a great way to engage their fans, they provided ideas to improve the next event.

3. Engage with Facebook questions.

Typing in suggestions and tips is great interaction, but you can actually make interacting even easier with Facebook Questions. Facebook Questions lets you conduct polls and learn from your fans on Facebook. With one click, they can vote. And after all the votes come in, you can say with authority that 83% of attendees loved the speaker or the food. Isn’t that a compelling stat that would make a great addition to your next event invitation?

4. Take advantage of multimedia.

Although you aren’t running events all the time, your business is still running. Remind your social networks of that! New products just get in? Publish a new study? Have a customer testimonial video? Share it! Multimedia content catches people’s attention in their newsfeed and engages them more than just text does. Your content doesn’t have to be a professional photo or a perfect video; it just needs to be interesting and relevant.

5. Demonstrate expertise.

You have knowledge and expertise about your industry, and of course, your business too. You may take that for granted, but your customers, clients, members, and supporters certainly won’t. Share the wealth! Give advice, answer questions, and provide tips and tricks.

Maas Nursery, located outside of Houston, has great reasons for people to travel out of the city to their nursery. They boast education and product knowhow, as shown by them sharing this TV interview about keeping plants green during a drought.

Your video content doesn’t have to be a TV interview; whatever you can use to educate your customers and keep them coming back for more.

Know your audience

When it comes to engaging your event attendees in between events, keep these 5 tips in mind. But ultimately, you know your audience best. Talk about what you know and what they want. Just keep posting! And if you aren’t sure what’s working, verify with Facebook Insights

Have additional questions about using social media to promote your events? Post them in the comments below.