Jason Alvey and the rest of the Four Firkins crew… creatively marketing on Facebook.

Yeah, yeah, you’ve heard it all.

You know you’re supposed to pin your posts on Facebook. You even know all of the ins and outs of Timeline. Heck, you may even know how to run a social campaign to boost sales.

That’s good – as small businesses get familiar with Facebook marketing, the innovation starts kicking in.

Jason Alvey, the founder of The Four Firkins in Minneapolis, has worked hard with the rest of his team to make sure the beer store’s Facebook Page stays on the map. They do all of the traditional Facebook best marketing strategies … and then some.

The staff posts photos and videos. They interact with fans on a daily basis and announce new beer shipments – sometimes exclusively through Facebook.

The Four Firkins team also does five things to grow their Facebook Page that are a little less common. Here are five strategies any small business or organization can take away from a glimpse at the Four Firkins Facebook Page:

1. Personally sign your name to each post

Every time a fan posts something on the Four Firkins Facebook Page, they’re almost always guaranteed a personalized response.

“If a fan takes the time to post on your page, businesses should respond,” Jason explains. “We make sure to sign each one, too, so people know who’s behind the computer. That builds a connection and puts a face and a personality to each post.”

2. Model your own products

Have a product or a service that’s unique and useful? Why not show it off yourself? Facebook is all about getting personal. After all, no one loves your products more than you.

The Four Firkins has pictures of events, tastings, kegs, and anything else that shows off the beer at its finest. The store takes it a step further, too, by occasionally having employees model the products, too:

And with free models in the store, who needs a glossy newspaper ad?

3. Feature your customers in your photos

As a page administrator, you can’t tag people in photograph, but they can tag themselves.

If a customer is in at The Four Firkins for an event and photos are being taken, there’s a good chance the pictures will end up on the store’s Facebook Page.

From there, fans will often tag themselves.

“Tagging in photos really helps spread the word, because people will tag themselves and their Facebook friends will see the picture, so then they get curious and look at our Facebook Page,” Jason says.

4. Show off your community success

The Four Firkins sometimes encourages fans to get active with local legislation, particularly the ones affecting beer stores. Recently, a Minneapolis law banning all micro breweries within 300 feet of churches was struck down.

The store celebrated by posting a picture of the event on Facebook and explaining the case in detail:

Showcasing these kinds of accomplishments – especially if you post about them as they develop – can be a very effective way in making your Facebook Page feel like a community that also makes a difference in the industry.

5. Use a call to action for guerilla marketing

One night, Jason decided to go to the pub after work. He decided to post about the trip on Facebook. Better yet, he offered fans a deal:

“I said that if people wore their Four Firkins t-shirts, we would buy them a pint,” he says. “Around twenty people came in, all of them wearing their shirts. That’s a bit of guerilla marketing, right there.”

This was a classic win-win: the fans got to socialize with Jason, other pub patrons saw The Four Firkins t-shirts, and everyone got to have a drink together.

Today, Jason doesn’t think it would be as easy. With over 5,000 Facebook fans on The Four Firkins Page nowadays, he admits that it “could be a very expensive night!”

What creative ways have you marketed your business on Facebook? Let us know below!