This past Thursday, I attended “How To Create a Blogging Plan for Your Nonprofit,” which was hosted by blog coach Britt Bravo at the Nonprofit Technology Conference in San Francisco.

To start off, she said that blogs had to be “juicy.” I sat there, stunned, envisioning our blog at Constant Contact as a very helpful and exciting apple.

Or maybe we’re more of an orange.

There’s something to the word “juicy” that sums up everything that should be in an organization’s blog: the word itself inspires emotion and images, just like every post should. And, phonetically, “juicy” is both punchy and flashy at the same time.

Here are some of the key ingredients Britt recommended to organizations trying to make their own blog “juicy.”

1. Make it Visual.

“People skim,” Britt explained. “They look at the title for one second and they don’t know if they’ll read it.”

So what’s the solution? Find a great picture for every post. That’s the hook that encourages people to read.

2. Don’t Be Dry.

Just like “juicy” sums up what a blog should be, “dry” is exactly what it shouldn’t be.

Britt recommended that people should never have their “annual report language” in a blog post. Figure out your organization’s unique voice – make it engaging, snappy, and compelling.

3. Activate Readers.

Blog posts should encourage action, whether that means helping people learn or getting them more interested in your organization.

An engaging blog post should be thought-provoking. And if you really want feedback, Britt says to “rile readers up.”

Making your opinion loud and proud is the surest way to encourage others to do the same.

4. Plan.

A good blog has a plan. That doesn’t mean that you have to draft a 365-day calendar and stick to it, but Britt explained that the first step is to ask why your organization needs a blog.

“Think of three real people who represent your ideal readers,” she said. “What blog content would be valuable and interesting to them?”

5. Think of a Title.

For every blog post we write at Constant Contact, we try to come up with what we call a “tweetable title.”

Britt touched on this subject, too: your title needs to be short and sweet. Juicy, if you will.

6. Share.

Once you have a blog, it’s time to start sharing the posts on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and even Pinterest, if you have a compelling image with each post.

Britt added that one way to generate exposure for a blog is to participate in a blog carnival, which means that you write a post about a particular subject and other bloggers do the same.

A well-organized carnival, along with social sharing buttons, can help boost traffic and exposure.

And keep on blogging…

Not every blog post is going to go viral. Many will loiter on your blog, attention-starved and lonely.

But creating a library of posts is crucial to building a blog’s reputation, and writing posts is the only way to get more established in the quirky universe known as the blogosphere.

So, happy blogging!

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What’s your secret ingredient for making a blog juicy? Share it below!