Whether you’re sending emails to let people know about your latest specials, posting on social media about upcoming events, or just interacting with a client face-to-face at your store or office — you are marketing your business.

And while it might be a surprise, you already know what it takes to be a successful marketer; you just need to put your skills to work.

You don’t just expect people to come in because your doors are open. You work hard, listen to customers, and are constantly making improvements to keep them happy.

Marketing works the same way.

When you’re committed to providing value to your audience and stay focused on their success, you’ll have more people who want to hear from you and a better return from your marketing investment.

In the fifth video in our Be a Marketer video series, we look at how Eric Fulwiler of Danish Country Antiques in Boston, Massachusetts uses the power of storytelling to add value to his audience.

(Having trouble viewing the video? Watch it here.)

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