This is a guest post from Glenn Allen, co-founder of Glyder.


As you know, putting effective content in front of your customers and prospects is the best way to stay top of mind with your email list and social followers.

With Glyder, a Constant Contact partner, you can use Glyder’s templates, stock photos, and visual designs to create and send effective messages in just a few minutes from your iPhone.

Glyder connects to your Constant Contact account, making it fast and easy to send these messages to your email contact lists and to your social networks.

How to get the most from your promotions

To get the attention of your audience when you post a promotion, you need to have a relationship with them—built on a history of meaningful interactions and useful information.

Here are a few ideas to build these relationships with the content you share:

  • Ask for and give referrals. Small businesses survive on referrals and recommendations. Communicating often with your audience that you like to receive AND GIVE referrals is a great way to keep your audience engaged. This includes asking for feedback.
  • Share seasonal content. Using seasonal content helps keep your messages fresh, and it doesn’t have to be just the usual holidays. Keep your eye on the calendar for local or industry events that are relevant or helpful for your customers—there’s always something to talk about with your audience.
  • Get ideas from industry experts. Sign up for and follow experts in your industry that you respect and think add value to your audience. You can simply forward on the great information or communicate your own view on the subject. In addition, think about what topics YOU can be an expert on, and consider asking your audience what topics they’re interested in.

And of course, throw in an occasional promotion to reward your customers for listening to and buying from you. Having a well-rounded communication approach is by far the best way to increase the number of people that are actually listening to your messages.

Remember these three guidelines when sending out your new content

  1. Daily or weekly, not monthly. With a thousand promotions flooding the marketplace and the attention spans of your target audience at an all-time low, creating and distributing engaging content is more important than ever before. Best practices tell us that we should be posting daily to get noticed. Daily? Yes, particularly for social networks. If this seems impossible, try to start with several times per week.
  2. Visuals are mandatory. Images are now practically mandatory to engage your audience. Use simple images with a strong focal point, usually a close-up view works best. Use images that have sharp, attractive colors—if it catches your eye, most likely it will catch the eye of your viewer.
  3. You get 90 characters – count ‘em. Keep your message concise and to the point. Messages of 100-250 characters get the highest engagement, and messages with a call to action within the first 90 characters get the most likes, shares, comments and forwards. Ninety characters is approximately 15-20 words.

With this approach, your small business will get noticed and your audience will be more engaged than ever.

Find out more about the Glyder integration with Constant Contact.