4 ways your small business can leap to success in 2016

Some of the best marketing ideas come from being in the moment. Capturing the zeitgeist. Having your finger gaffa-taped to The Pulse – whatever that is. With 2016’s Leap Day whirring towards us, here are some ideas that will get you thinking about how you can pay homage to Leap Year while engaging your target audience with novel promotional ideas.

6 ideas to spruce up your email marketing for Valentine’s Day

Love it or loathe it, Valentine’s Day is coming. You can almost smell the Chanel. That means it’s time for your small business to think of ways to piggyback on the occasion. You already have a direct route into your target audience’s world – the email inbox. Your mission is to figure out how you can help your subscribers create a suitably earth-shattering Valentine’s Day for their objet d’amour. No pressure.