Did you know that Constant Contact partners with more than 8,000 small business marketing experts (a.k.a. “Solution Providers”), who provide consulting expertise on a range of marketing disciplines from SEO to email marketing?

Constant Contact recently recognized two of our Solution Providers for their achievements at the OneCon conference, held last week in Boston. There’s another one coming up on Oct. 16th in San Francisco too!

The award winners were chosen for their dedication to achieving small business success, not only for themselves but for their clients. I had the opportunity to speak with them both about their businesses and asked them to share a piece of advice for small business owners.

Email marketing is a critical component of the marketing mix

Martin Carrion, Constant Contact’s Solution Provider of the Year and founder of website development company YapaWeb:

“It’s not enough to have a great product or service with the right people behind it. Including email marketing as a component of your marketing mix is a must. You need to be in constant contact with your clients, without being annoying, to stay in the forefront of their mind. One aspect of my business is creating custom email templates for my clients. I’ve seen, for my clients and for my own business, that a cohesive email marketing program is the key to a consistent, effective contact that helps build valuable relationships.

My wife uses email marketing to promote her business. When she goes to beauty industry trade shows, people comment on her newsletter, which contains tips and good advice. She’s seen it take one prospect a year to come on board with her as a client, but her consistent email communication was essential in keeping the lines of communication open and, ultimately, bringing that business in.”

Social media specialist, Kristen Curtiss also spoke with Martin. You can listen to their discussion below:

Click here to listen to the file in your browser. (Right-click and “Save as” to download to your computer.)

Sometimes you have to take a drastic step

Toni Harris, founder of motivational speaking and coaching firm Toni Harris Speaks and Constant Contact’s Rookie Solution Provider of the Year:

“Through my own personal experiences, I’ve found that managing change is the key. And sometimes you have to take a drastic step to achieve your goals. I’ve built a successful business based on this mindset because it can be applied to endless personal and professional situations. Many of my clients, for example, are small business owners who aren’t necessarily tech savvy. For them, conducting email marketing is a stretch, and when you start counseling them on combining email and social media marketing, they are really out of their comfort zone. But we know how effective these online marketing tools are, so I encourage everyone to think outside of the box and be open to trying something that’s outside of their norm.”

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