Tested Tips for Creating Better Facebook Content

As Constant Contact’s social media community manager, I do a lot of posting on Facebook (1,458 posts in 2012 to be exact.) Along the way, I’ve discovered a few simple tips and tricks through analytics, testing, and reading a lot of social media marketing content that will make your Facebook marketing less overwhelming and intimidating.

Here are 4 tips for creating better Facebook content.

Tip 1: The length of your Facebook post matters

According to Facebook, posts between 100 and 250 characters receive 60 percent more likes, comments, and shares. Last month on the Constant Contact Facebook page, posts with less than 140 characters received an average of 215 percent more engagement than longer posts (192 percent for the last 8 months.) I aim to keep our posts between 60-100 characters when I can, and last month, we averaged 101 characters. Just like you, your Facebook fans are busy and have a limited attention span. That’s why it’s essential to grab their attention quickly in their crowded news feed with short, shareable, engaging posts.

Tested Tips for Creating Better Facebook Content

Tip 2: The type of post you publish matters too

Facebook has reported that photos, photo albums, and videos get 120 percent, 180 percent, and 100 percent more engagement than links and text-only posts. This mirrors the results I’ve seen on the Constant Contact Facebook page. In the last 8 months, 71 percent of our engagement has occurred on a photo. More specifically, photos are great for shares and likes. When it comes to starting a conversation, text-only posts, by far, receive the most comments. For us, on average, they generate 254 percent more comments than other post types. Remember, even though links are the least likely to generate likes, comments, and shares, they still may be receiving clicks. Use Facebook Insights to review how many “Engaged Users” your links receive.

Bonus Photo Tip: 403 x 403px is the perfect image size for Facebook Timeline BUT Facebook recommends that you use higher quality images that are 600 x 600px — and I do too. Like Google, Facebook likes high-quality photos.

403 x 403 image example:

Capture 5

Although 403 x 403 is the displayed size, you can reposition your high quality images by hovering over the top right hand size of an image and clicking on the pencil.

Tested Tips for Creating Better Facebook Content 4

Bonus Photo Tip: What size should other images on Facebook be?

– Photos can be uploaded at a maximum size of 2048 x 2048px

Cover photo size: 851 x 315px

– Profile Picture displays as 160 x 160px but it must be 180 x 180 to be uploaded (Timeline thumbnail appears 32 x 32, News feed thumbnail appears 50 x 50.) It sounds complicated but if you simply upload a high-quality square image with your business logo in the center, you’ll be good to go!

Bonus Photo Tip: You can use PicMonkey to create great images for your Facebook page, cover photo, or email newsletter!

Tested Tips for Creating Better Facebook Content 5

Tip 3: Tell your fans what you want them to do

Posts that ask fans to…

  • Comment = 3.3x more comments
  • Share = 7x more shares
  • Like = 3x more likes
  • Caption this photo = 5.5x more comments

Often “Like-this” posts get a bad rap for looking spammy but, as long as your posts are relative to your brand (no “Like this cat photo if you like cats” unless you’re a pet shop) and you provide useful or entertaining content, asking your fans to do something won’t annoy them.

Think beyond literal calls-to-action. Try asking fans to fill-in-the-blank, give you a “thumbs up,” or answer a true or false question. For the Constant Contact page, I love posting questions. In the past 8 months, they’ve generated 254 percent more comments than any other type of posts for us!

Tested Tips for Creating Better Facebook Content 6

Tested Tips for Creating Better Facebook Content 7

Tip 4: Have conversations with your fans

To have a successful Facebook Page, it’s absolutely critical that you genuinely care about your fans (and remember they’re your customers too.) People login to Facebook looking to connect with people, not to be sold to. So, think like person not a marketer when creating questions to post. There’s no need to overcomplicate things. Just keep your posts short and simple. Don’t just post a question and ignore the responses either, respond to your fans comments.

Tested Tips for Creating Better Facebook Content 8

Now that you know some simple strategies and best practices that will help you improve the quality of your Facebook content, start mastering the ability to think of content ideas without going crazy.

Bonus Tip: Got writers block? Repurpose fan comments or share news from other pages on your own. Did one of your fans write something particularly nice on your Timeline, but it’s hidden under “recent posts by others?” Show off that comment on your Timeline in 3 easy steps.

Tested Tips for Creating Better Facebook Content 10

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