Beetle car converted to a photo boothMobile entertainment, a beetle photo booth, candy in bulk, donut divas, hip DJ’s and all kinds of great food – just some of the exciting services I saw at this year’s BizBash conference in Ft. Lauderdale, Fla.

The event, showcasing lots of new and exciting services for event planners, was sponsored in part by Constant Contact’s Event Marketing.

Over 1,200 event planners and organizers were in attendance and of course, our very own director of Event Marketing, Erik Mintz, spoke at several of the sessions. A great time was had by all, with lots of key takeaways.

Key takeaways from BizBash Florida

As a keynote speaker, Erik shared some great quick tips for event invitations to several hundred attendees. . .

  • Reinforce your brand and personalize it as much as possible
  • Put a link to your event in all your newsletters and share with all your social media networks
  • Always send a reminder (let’s face it, people are busy and will not always remember your event, no matter how compelling the topic)
  • Make the date, time and location really clear. Based on our own analysis, over 60% of declines were because of date, time and location. Less than 1% was due to cost! Send a simple, pre-event survey to pick the best date and time.

Chad Kaydo, editor-in-chief of BizBash media, suggested thinking about your event from your attendees perspective, such as . . .

  • Is this more interesting than what’s on my phone?
  • Is this tweet-worthy?
  • Is this worth photographing and sharing on my phone?
  • Can I get wi-fi to share this on my phone?

The reality is, you want your events to be engaging and share-worthy, by standing out and getting noticed you drive optimal success.

Other questions he noted you should be asking when planning and managing your events  . . .

  • Can you compel guests to become active brand ambassadors?
  • Are you asking guests to participate in the creation of the event?
  • Are you allowing them to share content with each other, and help determine the nature of the event?
  • Are you asking for their feedback?
  • Are you listening and responding to the feedback they give?
  • Are you ready for a little chaos that comes along with this?

This can all sound overwhelming but spending a little bit of time thinking through these questions will go a long way to making your event a real success.

What other questions do you think event organizers should be considering? What would you add to this list?