Boot Camp Tips: 4 Places to Look for Help When Planning Your First Campaign

As one of the instructors for the Constant Contact Boot Camps, I get to work hands-on with business owners who are brand new to our tools, and often, brand new to online marketing.

The goal of our Boot Camps is to teach people the fundamentals to developing successful campaigns, and to show attendees how to use their different marketing channels to help them do more business.

In addition to the training, I always make sure to share a list of my favorite resources when running campaigns.

Here are a few of my favorites:

1. Call customer support

At Constant Contact you have the chance to speak with an expert who will walk you through the best solution to your problem.

With a three time People’s Choice Stevie Award for favorite customer service in Computer Hardware & Services, who could go wrong with that?

I highly recommend giving the support staff a call with anything that comes up. With phone, chat, and email it’s easy to get in contact with them anytime!

2. Find other events in your area

Boot Camps are day long, hands-on training sessions with experts like me who will answer your questions, guide you, and teach you how to use our services.

But there are also local seminars which focus on specific topics — like email, mobile, or social media — being held throughout the country every day.

Find a topic that interests you and sign up to attend.

3. Join the Constant Contact community

More often than not, you are not alone, and someone else may have the same questions as you.

This is why visiting online forums that focus on discussions, product, feedback, and suggestions is a great place to start.

You will see that most of these discussions have thousands of comments, and possibly the answer to your problem. Our community is a place where you can glean new insight, as well as share your own best practices, and help others too!

Take a look at our community if you haven’t already!

4. Tap into our content

Whether you’re looking for help overcoming a specific marketing problem, or just need help getting things started — there’s a ton of online marketing advice for you to tap into on the Constant Contact blog.

In addition to daily blog posts, you will find:

You’re not alone!

These are just a few examples of the resources you can tap into when running your first campaign.

In addition to all of these resources, we partner with a network of marketing professionals throughout the country, who will help you launch, run, and manage your campaigns. You can find a full list of partners in the Constant Contact MarketPlace.

Have questions I can help you with right now? Post them in the comments below.  

Constant Contact Boot Camp: Constant Contact offers a wide range of beginner and advanced hands-on, in-person Boot Camp classes that teach small businesses and nonprofits how to be successful at email and social media marketing, as well as event management. Our nation-wide Boot Camp trainers are some of the best in the field.

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