Building a successful small business is hard to do on your own.

If you have big aspirations, you’ll likely need to employ a team of specialized individuals to help achieve your goals.

As the owner of the business, you’re responsible for building and managing the team. You’re tasked with not only hiring employees with the necessary skills, but also making sure they mesh with your current employees.

A bad hire can throw off the entire team dynamic. But the right person can come in and help your business reach new heights.

Here are a few tips that can help you build a winning small business team.

Embrace different strengths and personalities

Too many businesses try to mold people into their version of an ideal employee. While it’s perfectly fair to encourage people to accept your company culture, expecting someone to change their personality almost never works.

Instead, you should embrace the varying personalities that make up your team. If someone is outgoing and enjoys conversing, give them a position interacting with customers. If you hire someone who is more introverted, they’ll probably be happier and more productive doing heads-down tasks.

Make sure everyone feels like they’re contributing

It’s important for everyone on your team to feel like they’re instrumental in your business’s success. People are happier with their jobs when they feel like their work is propelling the company forward.

You can get new hires engaged right away by giving them important work to do on their first day. Instead of being isolated in orientation meetings all day, they’re able to get their feet wet and interact with the rest of the team on day one

Good managers also keep their team challenged. Assigning deadlines and goals gives everyone an objective to work towards. And then you can celebrate and reward your team when the goal is met.

Resolve any problems within the team

Problems among coworkers arise all the time. Disagreements over how things should be done, personality clashes, and competing agendas are common in almost every job. As the team leader, it’s important for you to identify and resolve any issues before they get out of hand.

Also, be sure you aren’t the source of any problems. Employees can feel like their boss micromanages them or doesn’t give them credit when it’s due.

Problems with employees can often be tough to notice. The best way to prevent issues from snowballing is to have an open and inclusive work environment where people feel comfortable voicing concerns.

Make sure your team knows you value them

People like working for a boss that genuinely cares about them. Try to devote a little time each day to conversing with your staff members about their life outside work. Ask about their family, their background, and their hobbies. There is a good chance you’ll have a little something in common with most your team members.

You can also show your employees you value them by investing in your team. Providing quality equipment and a pleasant work environment are good ways to make your employees feel comfortable at work.

The best way to keep your team happy and productive is to stay positive yourself. Good attitudes are contagious, so be sure to lead by example.

About the author: Dave Anderson is an Outreach Writer for Xero accounting software. He lives in San Francisco and enjoys writing about technology, entrepreneurship, marketing, and a variety of other topics.

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