For many people, the Fourth of July means one thing: time off. But just because your place of business is closed, that doesn’t mean you have to stop all your marketing activities. While you may not be working on PowerPoint presentations and data analysis, you can still use this time productively, without detracting from your relaxing holiday.

For example, a day at the beach or pool, or a backyard barbecue with friends, is a perfect time to build your email list. Here are two easy ways to do it when all you’ve got with you is a mobile device:

  1. Take advantage of our brand-new Text to Join feature. All you have to do is pick a keyword before you leave the office, and then every time you come across someone who is not already on your list, tell that person to send a quick text message with that word to a number that we give you. (For more detailed information, check out this quick tutorial.)
  2. Download our QuickView app for the iPhone. The app lets you create and send emails, and it also lets you add new contacts to your mailing lists, quickly and easily.

Asking if your friends and neighbors are on your mailing list also gives you the chance to ask if they’re connected to you on social media. Mobile apps make it very easy to start following a new business, organization, or person on Twitter, or to Like a Facebook Page. If the answer is no to the social media question, then you can add a new connection or two without even removing your sunblock.

Want more easy tips for how to continue marketing during your vacation? Check out our article from this month’s issue of Hints & Tips.

Do you plan to keep your marketing activities going over the long weekend? Share your plans or your suggestions in the comments below.