I’m sure I don’t have to tell you how important it is to continually be growing your email contact list.

But even as an experienced marketer, you may not be taking advantage of all the key locations or tools available to you.

Use the following resources to build a quality permission-based email list as fast as possible.

In-person email list building

  • A simple sign-up sheet near your register is a great start. You also need a process in place to upload contacts regularly to your email list.
  • Use our ListBuilder tablet appAvailable in the Apple Store and Google Play, this app provides an easy way to digitally collect contacts at events or by your register.
  • Promote your email list in all your printed collateral. Put a simple message on your business cards, brochures, advertisements, sales kits, and direct mail letters. Write something like: “Sign up for our email list to receive insider information and discounts at [your sign-up page URL].”
  • Use Text-to-Join to create a custom keyword that mobile users can text to a special number. They’ll then get a prompt to text their email address which gets added to your list.

Online email list building

  • Use our web sign-up links to allow people to sign up online. We’ve got easy-to-use buttons and widgets to help you capture people’s email addresses. Put them on your website, Facebook Page, blog, LinkedIn profile, and in your outgoing emails. They’re simple to use. People just click on the link or button and get taken to your quick sign-up page. Their email address goes automatically into your contact database.
  • Use an embeddable sign-up form on your website. These forms allow people to enter their information right from a page on your website. No need for them to click off to a sign-up page.

Make sure your online sign-up process can pass these tests

1. Go to a random page on your website, can you find a link or sign-up form to join your email list?

You may think having a link or form on your homepage is enough. But the reality is, people don’t always enter through your homepage. In fact, it’s possible these visitors don’t go there at all. Don’t miss an opportunity to get them to join your list. Make sure your sign-up link is on every page of your website.

2. Go to your email list sign-up page. Enter your information. Do you receive an error message when you try to submit?

You could be missing out on subscribers and not even know it. Be sure to test your forms on a regular basis.

3. Go to the homepage of your website.

Can you easily find your sign-up link? Or do you have to scroll and search for it? Make sure your sign-up form is easy to find.