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The food and wine were excellent, and on first impressions the company was quite appetising as well. But what if your prospective partner were to get down on one knee and pop the question after just one date?

Probably not what you were expecting. Yet this approach is often used in marketing, with brands trying to rush straight from “hello” to “I do” and forgetting about all the stages in between – or ‘mid-funnel content’.


The first step is to get yourself noticed, so put yourself out there! From a content marketing perspective that means light-touch content designed to build brand awareness and drive web traffic, such as blog posts or infographics.

However… only 24% of people trust someone they’re on a first date with. You need to get to know each other before taking things further and that applies to brands just as much as a newly dating couple.


There’s definite attraction and they’re interested in what you have to offer, but we still need to build trust.

Webinars, white papers and ebooks are great examples of content that can show off your expertise and demonstrate to your prospective clients and customers that you’re the real deal.


Perhaps we shouldn’t think of dating in terms of ‘conversions’, but now that you know each other it’s time to sell yourself (or your business) and show why you’re the right person (or business) for them. In other words, it’s time for sales content to take over and that could include case studies, testimonials or product videos.


You’re hitched! But any marriage requires work, so don’t let the romance die. Send your other half flowers, take them away for the weekend, or keep their interest alive with regular email newsletters and social media updates. After all, you want them to say nice things about you to their friends.

What’s more, it’s 70% cheaper to retain an existing customer than acquire a new one!

So if your business is looking to use content marketing to attract, charm, convert and retain customers, think about the different types of content you need at every part of the customer journey.