As a digital marketing strategist with more than 30 years of marketing experience, Kathy Hays knows trust is one of the most important elements of her business.

Kathy and her team at Xcelacore, help small and medium-sized businesses implement successful marketing programs across a variety of channels including email, social, web, and mobile.

“We often work with businesses that are not big enough for an in house marketing department,” Kathy explains. “We’re helping people that are wearing 50 different hats and need help navigating a few different channels.”

As part of a small business herself, Kathy gains trust with new clients by demonstrating expertise and aligning her business with industry leaders.

Since 2004, Kathy has relied on Constant Contact to promote businesses through email marketing. So when she first learned about Constant Contact’s Solution Provider Program in 2010, she jumped at the opportunity.

Now, Kathy is quick to recommend the program to other small business marketing consultants:

“The biggest benefit of the program is the ability to promote myself as a thought leader and to grow my business” she says. “If you’re just starting out, you’re a solopreneur, or you’re just hoping to get more clients, a partnership with Constant Contact is a great way to promote your services.”

Here are three benefits Kathy has seen from the Solution Provider Program:

1. More leads than ever before

After joining the Solution Provider Program, Kathy has seen increased leads, both online and in-person.

Each month she holds marketing workshops in her community, where she meets new businesses and showcases her industry expertise. A majority of the content she presents is provided by Constant Contact, so she can simply present the material without creating everything from scratch.

“We receive really good leads from the presentations we give,” says Kathy. I will often get phone calls a few days after giving a presentation. Sometimes people will follow up with me after an event before I even send out a follow-up email.”

Kathy also completed the necessary training to achieve Master Certification. This gives her access to a lead sharing program where she receives new leads from Constant Contact each month. She has a personal page in the Constant Contact Marketplace as well, where interested businesses can reach out directly.

2. Increased service and revenue opportunities

Partnering with Constant Contact means Kathy is able to offer her clients the email marketing solutions they are looking for.

But most of the new leads Kathy receives are looking for more than email marketing assistance — which allows her to include other services in her marketing proposals and expand in other areas of her business.

“By becoming a Solution Provider my Constant Contact business has grown, but beyond that it has helped me reach large, ongoing clients who I provide multiple different services to,” Kathy says.  “I definitely think my affiliation with Constant Contact allows me to get in front of people and bring more business back to my agency.”

3. Strengthened credibility

After joining the Solution Provider Program, Kathy updated her social media pages, website, and business card to reflect her involvement in the program.

By aligning her business with a bigger brand, she’s able to attract more clients and gain their trust more quickly than before.

It’s a huge win to be associated with the premier brand name in the field of email marketing. That will present you and your company as a thought leader and content expert. From there you get out of it what you put into it.”

Partner with Constant Contact: With over 650,000 customers and 11,000 Solution Providers, Constant Contact is a brand both your business and clients can trust.

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