Here at Constant Contact, there’s nothing we enjoy more than celebrating the incredible work being done by our customers each and every day.

We realize how lucky we are to help small businesses and nonprofits reach new audiences, achieve their goals, and make a meaningful difference in the lives of their customers, members, and volunteers.

That’s why every year we look for new opportunities to give back and return the favor to the businesses, organizations, and most importantly—to the people who matter most.

And this year is no different!

Announcing our second annual Charity Auction…

Our annual Charity Auction has become one of our favorite events here at Constant Contact.

Each year, employees from each of our office locations auction off services, items, and unique experiences for other employees to bid on. Prizes this year ranged from a fishing trip to a month’s worth of free coffee.

At the end of the week our employees raised $16,000!

As part of this year’s auction, we’re giving three outstanding All Star nonprofit customers the chance to win up to $10,000 for their organization, all from proceeds raised at our auction. Runners-up will both receive a $3,000 donation.

How the contest works

Over the last few months, employees at Constant Contact nominated and voted to identify three nonprofit organizations that exemplify the best usages of Constant Contact’s online marketing tools.

Now that our employees have nominated three nonprofits, we’re turning it over to you to select the grand prize winner!

The contest, which starts today, will run until next Friday, April 12.

Check out the three nonprofits competing for the chance to win $10,000 below. And make sure to vote for your favorite by visiting the Constant Contact Facebook Page today!

Steamboat Adaptive Recreational Sports – Steamboat Spring, Colorado

stars 4Started in 2006, Steamboat Adaptive Recreational Sports (STARS) provides children and adults with cognitive or physical disabilities the opportunity to experience recreational sports with the help of caring, experienced volunteers and instructors.

Last winter, STARS served over 340 individual clients with over 1,400 skier days. In the last few years, the organization has expanded beyond the winter and began offering year-round programs and camps in biking, kayaking, fishing, and water skiing.

“We work with people who live all throughout the United States,” explains Julie Taulman, Executive Director of  STARS. “Being able to share our story and stay in touch throughout the year has been crucial for our organization.”

Using donations the right way

For Julie, finding a tool to help STAR’s staying in touch with clients, supporters, and volunteers isn’t just about helping the organization grow—it’s about living up to a responsibility she has to her donors.

“When you look at the cost of the advertising options that are out there—either through print or radio—it’s difficult to justify the investment for an organization like ours,” explains Julie. “It’s our responsibility to spend funds the right way.”

Since 2009, Julie has been using Email Marketing from Constant Contact to stay in touch with stakeholders throughout the US.

“Almost all of our donations, around 95%, come through our email newsletters,” Julie explains. “We’ve grown tremendously and couldn’t have done it without Constant Contact.”

Advice for other nonprofits

“Using email marketing to maintain relationships and build personal connections has been a key to our success. And the biggest part of that has been staying in touch and top of mind throughout the year.”

Literacy Action of Central Arkansas – Little Rock, Arkansas

lit 2

Literacy Action of Central Arkansas is a nonprofit organization that teaches reading skills to adults and English skills to non-native speakers.

Started in 1987, the organization has seen plenty of growth and change. What hasn’t changed however, is the commitment and dedication of those who support the organization.

“We are a grass-roots organization that depends on the contributions of our network of tutors and volunteers,” explains Neil Jones, Associate Executive Director of Literacy Action. “We have 90 tutors that are committed to help improve their community and empowering adults through literacy.”

Evolving with the times

Literacy Action of Central Arkansas has been a Constant Contact customer since 2007.

“We knew there was plenty of stuff we needed to be doing online,” Neil recalls. “We were growing a lot and needed a better way of keeping in touch with our volunteers.”

Since getting started, Neil has seen his list of email contacts grow to over 1,190. In addition to sending monthly email newsletters with news, updates, and information about upcoming events and training sessions, Neil also sends targeted emails to individual groups of volunteers, supporters, and stakeholders.

“It’s great to be able to create groups and send information that’s relevant to everyone,” Neil explains. “It’s really become part of our culture; we’ve been able to get our entire staff involved.”

Advice for other nonprofits

“The biggest thing is just getting started. Jump in and set short-term goals. As you get more comfortable, you can look to try different things but start small early on.”

The Autism Society of Southeastern Wisconsin – Wauwatosa, Wisconsin


The Autism Society of Southeastern Wisconsin has been dedicated to helping and supporting people with autism spectrum disorders and their families for more than 30 years.

With a staff of 5 full-time employees and a network of donors, sponsors, and volunteers, they work tirelessly to have improve the lives of every individual they work with and to raise much needed awareness for their cause.

“We’re small but mighty,” explains Emily Levine, Executive Director of the Autism Society of Southeastern Wisconsin. “We reach a wide audience of people and do everything we can to keep people informed and up-to-date.”

Raising awareness for weekly events

A major part of the work being done by Emily and her staff is a program of weekly events.

“We run all sorts of events—from educational activities for parents to social events for their families,” explains Emily. “We have a small staff and rely heavily on our volunteers.”

With a full calendar of events—some attracting more than 200 attendees—Emily and her staff knew they needed a better way to promote and manage their events.

After getting started with Email Marketing from Constant Contact in 2009, Emily decided to try EventSpot to help manage event registration.

“Before we were sending out our weekly emails and then spent a lot of time handling registration over the phone,” Emily recalls. “Now, we can link each newsletter to an online registration form, which saves us a lot of time.”

With less time being spent managing events, Emily and her staff are able to dedicate more attention than ever to what’s most important to their organization—improving the lives of the people who matter most.

Advice for other nonprofits

“Put yourself in the shoes of the people who are reading your emails each week. Think about what information you would be most interested in and create something that your audience will actually look forward to reading.”

C4CYour vote will decide which of these organizations wins $10,000. Vote today!