If you’ve visited our blog over the last few months you may have heard about some of the new programs we’ve been working on to help support entrepreneurs and foster innovation in the small business space.

A big part of this effort will be the opening of the Small Business Innovation Loft (SMB Loft) at Constant Contact. There, we will work with entrepreneurs as they try to solve problems for small businesses through the development of new products and services.

But we’re also excited to introduce a new program, the Test Drive Team, which will give business owners the opportunity to provide input about new tools, features, and ideas.

Recently, I sat down with Jill Starett, Senior Innovation Catalyst at Constant Contact to learn more about this exciting new program.

1. What is the Test Drive Team?

The Test Drive Team is a new initiative from Constant Contact, with the goal of bringing together a collection of small business owners to try and provide feedback on some of the new ideas and tools we’re developing.

Small businesses that join get early access to new tools, ideas, and features to help them market and manage their small business. They also get to have input and help us shape small business success.

2. What was the inspiration for the program?

With the upcoming launch of the Small Business InnoLoft, we are ramping up our idea engines.  As we work to solve problems for SMBs we know it’s vitally important for us to include the people who face these challenges every day.  Only by working together are we going to be able to produce solutions that really work.

3. What is Constant Contact hoping to achieve from the program?

Constant Contact is committed to small business success.  Our main focus for this initiative is to gain a better understanding of the challenges small businesses face, and how we can create the best possible solutions.

4. Who is eligible for the Test Drive Team?

The program is open to all small business or nonprofit owners, managers, and marketers.

You do not have to be an existing Constant Contact customer.  If you know about small business, we want to know you.

5. What can people who sign up for the program expect?

Our Test Drive Team can expect to get regular invites to try new tools and provide feedback about their experiences.  We know time is a limited resource for those who run SMBs and they only need solutions that fit their needs, so all opportunities to participate are elective.

This gives SMBs the opportunity to be part of something exciting without having to sacrifice the needs of their business.

Interested in joining the Test Drive Team? Sign up today!