Growing your email list is a must when you’re operating your own business. As a professional CPA, word-of-mouth is one of your most effective marketing tools. Regularly communicating with current and potential customers via email keeps you in the minds of your clients and can help you build referrals. Discover how you can grow your email list and use it effectively to manage client relationships and generate leads. In this article, we’ll cover:

  • ‌Why you should have an email list
  • ‌Tools to grow your CPA email list
  • ‌Email campaign ideas
  • ‌What to do next

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Why you should have a CPA email list

‌Email marketing is one of the most effective digital marketing strategies. The average ROI for email campaigns is $42 for every $1 spent. Growing your email list is a cost-effective way to generate new leads, and it doesn’t take much time. You can cultivate new business and continue giving top-notch service to your customers.

There are different tools you can use to grow your email list, which we’ll discuss below.

Tools you can use to grow your CPA email list

‌You may think that the best way to grow your list is to attend networking functions, collect business cards, and manually enter the information into a database. That is one way to find new customers, but it’s time-consuming and easy to push off in favor of other tasks on your “to-do” list. Supplement your in-person contact with these digital tools.

W‌ebsite optimization

Your website should feature a call to action (CTA) encouraging visitors to sign up for your newsletter. Write a short CTA outlining the value of your email list with a button or form on the bottom that leads visitors to sign up. Your clients will sign up if they think the information is useful. So, let them know what to expect from your newsletter. Adding a CTA like “Sign up for money-saving tips” or “Sign up for a free guide to charitable deductions” tells people what kind of content they can expect from you.

Real-time examples

RHN grows their CPA email list with this contact form on their website
RHN contact form with clear CTA

Canadian accounting firm RHN includes trust-building language on their “Contact Us” page. As shown in the image, this short paragraph establishes the company’s employees as experts, helping clients feel comfortable signing up for more information.

You can also add floating boxes to your contact landing page. These forms appear as banners at the top of your website, making it easy for people to sign up to your list.

Another way to optimize your website for lead generation is to include a contact form that captures visitor data. Constant Contact’s website builder tool offers design templates that make it easy to add one of these forms to your contact page. Make sure you monitor the contact page and follow up with people who fill out the form or create a friendly welcome message that is automatically generated when people sign up. ‌

YPTC grows their CPA mailing list with this contact form, titled "Let's Chat"
Sample contact form from YPTC

Nationwide accounting firm YPTC has a website that is clean and easy to navigate. When you click on their “Contact Us” button at the top of the page, you are directed to a contact form where potential customers can share more detailed information about themselves.

Automated emails

‌Setting up a welcome email generated whenever someone signs up from your website or fills out your contact form is an excellent way to let people know that they are indeed on your list. Your welcome email serves as an introduction to your business. So, make sure it matches your brand voice and tone.

‌‌Your welcome email should be friendly as it is another way to sell your newsletter and business content. Thank your contacts for signing up, and create a short, informative message outlining expectations such as how often they will receive an email and how they will benefit from your content. Include information on how to contact you for business opportunities and consultations. 

Additionally, describe how often people will be contacted with different types of email content. If you offer premium content like white papers or webinars to people who subscribe, give your clients a contact or a link to download these resources. You may have promoted your email list by promising exclusive content. This email delivers on your promise. 

For a seamless experience, use an email automation tool to help you generate a compelling welcome message.

F‌ree information

People expect something in return when they sign up for your emails. If you’ve written articles, hosted webinars, or created video content that is useful to customers, publish free introductions on your website and offer a deeper dive as an incentive for people who receive your newsletters. See what topics are popular on your website and offer more detailed articles and videos to subscribers. 

‌ You’re likely producing high-quality content as part of your online marketing strategy, but save some of your most useful information for people who subscribe to your emails. This tells them that they are valued customers and creates a good reason for people to sign up for your newsletter. Exclusive content should appeal to your clients’ needs. Consider including tax-saving tips, free accounting webinars, and other financial information that your clients find relevant.

‌Once you have started generating new leads and growing your list with your website, keep in touch with your new contacts. Segment your CPA email list and create various targeted campaigns that build your relationship with your contacts. 

There are many ways to segment your list, which simply means sorting your email contacts into different categories. You could organize them by location or industry or create separate lists for existing customers and new contacts. Segmentation lets you tailor your messages, which can result in higher open rates.

‌Email campaign ideas

‌Your welcome email serves as the first touchpoint between you and your contacts. But, emailing them regularly with catchy subject lines is the best way to foster engagement and build awareness of your company. To check the success of your email campaigns, measure your email analytics to see which messages generate the best engagement to tailor your future emails.‌‌

Frequently asked questions

‌Creating content that gives in-depth answers to frequently asked questions offers value to your CPA email list. In general, your email should be short. Pick one question to answer and write a 250-500 word article that gives clients the best advice. You can also write an in-depth blog post and use your newsletter to drive traffic to it. If you’re not sure which questions to answer, look through your website analytics to see which pages have the most engagement to discover if there are certain topics of interest.

‌Speaking and teaching engagement announcements

Some CPAs host webinars or speak at conferences on occasion. These educational activities not only teach your clients to help themselves in between appointments but are also great for networking. If you are hosting webinars or teaching at an industry conference, promote it by sending a message to your email list.

‌Referral requests

‌One of your primary goals for email marketing is to generate word-of-mouth advertising. Sending out referral requests is a good way to generate these leads. If one of your email segments is current and past clients, send them an email offering an incentive for a referral. You could offer free attendance to a webinar, a gift card, or a discount on future accounting services using a referral code to keep track of the campaign’s success.

Special events

‌You might host client appreciation events on occasion to build relationships and thank your customers for their business. Send out invitations to these events using your email list. This way, you can save money on printing and postage and create different messages for current and new customers, encouraging them to come and network or just have fun.

‌‌Targeted email campaigns keep customers aware of your firm and encourage them to refer your company to others. These campaigns help build your credibility and encourage new clients to sign up for your emails. Here is where you start building your email list.

What to do next

‌Start growing your CPA email list by looking at your website and seeing where it can be optimized for lead generation. If you don’t already have a contact form, add one in a prominent location. Create a call to action that communicates the benefits of signing up for your email list, and set up an automated welcome email for everyone who signs up.

‌‌Once your list has subscribers, start segmenting and strategizing email campaigns to keep in touch with your clients. With quality content, you will see more people signing up for your list.

For more help on making sense of email marketing, check out Constant Contact’s marketing guide, The Download.