This is a guest post by Howard Givner, Executive Director, the Event Leadership Institute.

If the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach, the way to an event guest’s heart is through a fun cocktail.

There is almost no more cost-effective way to give your event a wow than by serving up a creative, colorful signature drink.

Unlike general décor, whether it’s flowers, lighting or furniture, a stylish cocktail is something each guest can have, hold, and marvel at. Their drink is their own.

In addition, a cool beverage becomes a conversation piece, a natural mixing agent for people to instantly break the ice and mingle over.

Finally, it’s relatively cheap. Drinks are usually something you’re going to have anyway, and creating pitchers of a single beverage is time-saving on the bartenders.

Some of the most creative cocktails we’ve seen, however, focus less on the ingredients and more on the presentation.

Here are a few examples, courtesy of Scoozi Events NYC.

1. The Edible Margarita, served on a bed of salt and lime wedges, and garnished with a candied lime zest. This is not your father’s Jello shot!

2. The Spritzer Mojito, served in individual atomizers in a bed of ice. Instead of drinking it, you spray it into your mouth!

3. The Semi-Frozen Cosmo, served in individual paint tubes, which you squeeze into your mouth. These tubes are also great for branded messaging.

Not every event needs to go this far, but you’d be surprised at how creative an in-house chef can get when you challenge him or her to invent an eye-opening signature cocktail.

For additional tips on this topic, check out the Event Leadership Institute’s class Catering Creativity Exposed, where Scoozi’s owner Stella Ballarini shares more creative food and beverage ideas for your events.

Here’s a clip: